Xavier: Renegade Angel

Anyone else catch any of this on Adult Swim? I’ve watched eight of the ten episodes so far, and I like it quite a bit, though it isn’t for everyone. It’s by Pffr, the guys responsible for Wonder Showzen among other things, and it shows.

Also John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants guest stars in a few episodes, which is just awesome.

Yeah I agree it’s not for everyone. It has it’s moments, but I find that it mostly makes me cringe because Xavier is such an idiot. Too much empathy (sympathy?) on my part perhaps.

It has it is moments?

but I find that it mostly makes me cringe because Xavier is such an idiot.

I’m thinking more idiot savant than straight-up idiot. As crazy as he comes across, he’s still been sharp enough to pull himself through most of the situations he encounters. Of course it helps that the reality they’ve put him in is only slightly less trippy than he is.

I think I’m good with that use of the ’ since I’m referring to the show? Check it out and edit your response if I’m correct? :)

Afraid not.

I think the point is more that he’s a) pretty much an idiot and b) not in control of his fate, as the world will pretty much do what it wants whether he’s smart enough to manage the situations he’s in or not. The only situation that he really got himself out of that I’m remembering is the one with the rich kid, although he also handled the gang well. I guess he pretty much just does whatever is necessary for the show to go in the direction they want it to.

Whoops, didn’t see the second it’s :)

I was just looking at the first.