XB360: Transferring Saves?

Quick and to the point question! Is there any other way to transfer XBOX 360 saves from one system to another than buying the $40 memory card?


[apparently i’m wrong]

Yes. Buy the datel xsata or their other HD thingy. One is an xbox HD dock for pcs, the other is a thing that goes between the xbox and HD and allows a pc to plug in. Both will allow you to back up your entire drive to a PC, and both cost about the same as a tiny ass memory card that wouldnt let you move all your shit in one go…

bestbuy carries them, though they arent available on their site.

How do I get saves from my Xbox to my 360? Same?

There’s no officially supported way to do this. Supposedly you can do it with a modded Xbox and the X-SATA adapter for 360 from Datel, but I have no specifics on that.

You dont mod anything to use the datel thing, it’s just an easy adapter for the HD.

If you get a memory card pick up one of these at best buy.

Now I’m trying to work out if it’s worth it. Most of my XBox games are the kind that I’d play from the start but it took me ages to unlock everything on Outrun2. Thanks for the help anyway.