XBox 1 Rookie Seeks Hardcore Gamers

Finally got an XBox, just before the rental industry dries up.

Bought Halo and was mildly disappointed. No single-player multiplayer mode with bots to break up the occassional tedium of the single-player missions, either.

Bought Gunvalkyrie and spent 10 minutes working out the hover and boost mechanics. Ask me how I feel about this one later.

Rented Ninja Gaiden and dug its moveset and challenge.

Rented Riddick and dumped on its languid shooting action and overly scripted stealth elements.

Bought Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded,
Buffy 1
Star Wars: KOTOR,
Mechassault (for potential Linux geekery),
JSRF/Sega GT 2000 double-pack (for 5 bucks!)

Looking for Otogi 2 (good luck)

I already own a PS2 and GC, so recommend cross-platform titles only if I shouldn’t be playing them on anything but XBox/XDude.

BTW, gaming faves include melee brawlers like Final Fight,
2d fighters (duh),
platformers with minimal exploration but maximal discovery (Super Mario Sunshine and Ratchet & Clank),
non-traditional RPGs (as in, not Final Fantasy or its wannabes in game mechanics)

Hit me! Thanks too much!

This is pretty easy to find, actually. Just check EB/Gamestop and their pre-owned sections.

BTW, gaming faves include melee brawlers like Final Fight,

Spikeout is good, not great, but has some superbly cheesy dialogue stuff, reasonable fighting mechanics and is tough as nails. I dig it, but it’s for old schoolers only.

If the line “HERE COMES THE BOSS” does it for you… then Spikeout is something you must own.

2d fighters (duh),

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection if you don’t already own it for PS2. Also, all the SNK fighters you don’t own on PS2. Samurai Shodown V in particular.

platformers with minimal exploration but maximal discovery (Super Mario Sunshine and Ratchet & Clank),

Not a whole lot of this on Xbox. You could try Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath for a mix of shooting and platforming. Voodoo Vince is ok. Um… I think that’s about it.

non-traditional RPGs (as in, not Final Fantasy or its wannabes in game mechanics)

I’m really not a fan of Jade Empire, but some people love it. KotOR II is an obvious choice. Also, Fable.

Finally, you need to get Phantom Dust. It’s a hybrid fighting, brawling, RPG, shooter, 3rd-person action, strategy, Collectible Card game. IMO, it’s the Xbox’s finest hour and it comes from one of the people who made Panzer Dragoon on Sega Saturn.

Also, if you have any interest in CarRPGs, then Forza Motorsport should be in your possession. Finally, the Xbox is home to the best version of one of the best first-person shooters of 2005 or any year for that matter, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

Otogi 2 might be at my local EB, but it’s getting imposible to find at the other 6 or 7 used gaming outlets around here (suburban MD, if you can beleive that).

Totally forgot about this one, but I don’t remember seeing it ANYWHERE. Definitely not available for rent. I’ll knock on wood for this one.

No shit! I totally forgot about that series. So they finally made a decent port of it? :)

(forgive my rudeness; I’ve only played the SNES port, and the AI sucked)

I’ll jump on it when the price plummets. I’m sitting on Timesplitter 2 for GC (apparently the buggiest of the 3 versions), and I figure that’ll hold me for a while. I’m spoiled by Perfect Dark’s multiplayer (on the N64) though. I’ve sunk 200 hours into it!

Phantom Dust sounds intriguing, but it’s impossible to rent. I’ll have to hope it’s available for less than $15.

I’m renting Panzer Dragoon Orta, despite not digging it’s lazy predecessors. There’s always hope for this series.

If by CarPGs, you mean Gran Turismo, the answer is “not really” :)

Action racers such as Burnout are allowed, though. I have the GC version of that.

Panzer Dragoon Orta is more or less necessary, and OutRun 2006: Coast2Coast just feels better on the Xbox than the PS2. The analogue sticks have a little more substance to them and the rumble feels better.

Um … I second Stranger’s Wrath, which is great, and I really recommend you get Otogi 2. Beautiful game. Apart from that, there aren’t that many interesting exclusives on there. The KOTOR games are okay if you can get over their rather stale visuals and the horrible, horrible, unbelievably bad animation and cinematics. The storytelling is decent enough, and they are fairly addictive. Far better than Jade Empire, which I thought was mind-numbingly boring and just as ugly as KOTOR (what’s wrong with Bioware’s animation teams …?)

Now I just remembered why I have less than ten Xbox games. Jeez. There can’t be more than a handful good exclusives on that platform.

You rang?

Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame II have expanded versions on the Xbox. Breakdown’s a weird but interesting game from Namco… the two Xbox Hunter: the Reckoning games are good if you have three friends over. Dead or Alive 3, of course.

XBox has the best version of Psychonauts! if you don’t already have it for PC or whatever. That fits your platformer bill. May I also suggest Taito Legends 2? It has Liquid Kids. And Violence Fight!

Warning: multiplayer gaming will be VERY minimal on this machine. My friends don’t do gaming.

Eh… DOA 1 and 2 were a bit too canned on the combo side for my tastes. And the AI stunk. I might rent it if the AI at least approaches VF4.

Fatal Frame is a survival horror series? I forget. RE4’s the only “SH” game I could tolerate, and that felt like more of an FPS to me.

Breakdown rings a bell, but I don’t want to confuse it with Capcom’s Beatdown, do I :)

Breakdown’s a first-person brawler/shooter/thing. I own it but it’s never gotten inside my Xbox. Picked it up for $5 at Best Buy some time ago and never had the time to try it out. Reviews were marginal but most felt the game’s ideas were good even if the exection wasn’t.

Have you tried Crimson Skies?

Phantom Dust sounds intriguing, but it’s impossible to rent. I’ll have to hope it’s available for less than $15.

It’s $10 at GameRush if you have one nearby.

Oh, and Burnout 1 & 2 are good, but there was such a leap between them and Takedown & Revenge that it’s worth looking into the new versions.

Try Voodoo Vince, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies, TS: Future Prefect (another leap over the previous version).

So then you won’t be buying another fighter until VF5? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that holding fighters to VF’s standard is going to leave you disappointed every time.

Yes, but FF uses an interesting first-person combat system due to its focus on a magic camera that kills ghosts. It’s not the typical survival horror game. The first game is pretty cheap now. Give it a shot.

Breakdown is more interesting as a concept than in practice. I did finish it, though, and it’s certainly unlike just about anything else out there.

I have no idea how extensive your library for any other system is, so recommendations are difficulty to make. You might want to try Crimson Sea, sort of a futuristic beat 'em up kinda thing. It’s not fantastic, but it’s a pretty good entry in the genre.

Fable is about as non-traditional as you get on the system in the RPG department.

Have to throw in a nod to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for a good old mindless “HULK SMASH” romp.

And The Warriors is probably the best beat 'em up on the system, so if you don’t already have that for another platform, at least give it a rent.

You should really buy this, its worth every penny and the game only gets better the farther you get into it.
If youre playing the original, i highly reccomend NG: Black, as it fixed the few problems the original NG had, and also has mission mode which is awesome and doubles the replay value.

Phantom Dust is actually the only game you need. Because you won’t be worried about playing stupid Ninja Gaiden once you have Phantom Dust.

I think it’s one of those games you should play, because it’s trying some new things even if the execution falls down at times. I could also do without first-person vomiting.

It’s also one of those first-person games that can make just about anybody motion-sick if you try hard enough. Your protagonist can do some sick backflips and what-have-you, which… can be a little stomach-wrenching if you just keep doing them.

Some of my suggestions are Live dependent, but that’s just the way I roll.

If you’re into it and can get other people to grab it, I have found the Xbox version of Chessmaster to be VERY worthwhile. It plays a great game, has Live support, and looks pretty (for a chess game) to boot. But I’m a nerd.

Fuzion Frenzy if you ever have more than one more than one person over and you like minigame-style fun.

Crimson Skies is great, magnified by a huge amount if you want to play on Live.

I liked Jade Empire. You already have KOTOR; I never played the second, but everyone tells me I’m stupid for not having done so.

Panzer Dragoon Orta is definitely required ownership for the system, and forms an “early Xbox Sega” pair with Shenmue II. PDO is just an amazing ride of a rail shooter, and Shenmue II fits your non-traditional RPG role quite nicely.

I will gladly back up the recommendations for Phantom Dust. That game should have sold bazillions of copies. I need to drag out my Xbox to play it, now that I think about it.

Thanks. Because it’s something I should play is the reason I bought it. I need to pop it in soon. Maybe after E3. As long as it doesn’t have me first-person vomiting in my living room, I’ll probably enjoy the attempt at something a little different.

So NG:Black is a Special Edition Rerelease, and not an expansion pack?

What flaws were fixed?

The player was given camera control, primarily. A little rebalancing was done, a couple key save points were added. There’s also a big mission mode thing and a super duper uber-hard difficulty (along with a super-easy difficulty if you suck), and there are a couple new weapons, enemies and bosses. The downside is that the NES Ninja Gaiden games are no longer in it.

My personal preference would be to rent the original and play it to completion, then buy NG Black and play that from there on in.

You make beating Ninja Gaiden sound easy :)

NG should be under 10 bucks in a few months. I can wait. I’ll be busy playing Otogi 2 :)

Did you get Mercenaries for your PS2? If not, definately grab it up for the Xbox. So, so sweet.