XBox 1 Rookie Seeks Hardcore Gamers

I’m actually tempted to pick up an original XBox now, primarily for emulation and XBMC and the handful of cross-platform games I hadn’t yet gotten to on the PS2 and…

NO! Bad brain! No more systems! This year.

I’m actually playing NGB on master ninja difficulty, and trying not to go insane in the process. I can’t believe they removed the original nes ones as well.

Heh. No rush, dude. If the video stores around here weren’t clearing space for XBox 360 games, I’d have waited another year for my purchase.

BTW, my console came with 12 free rentals. Figured that was a good way to sample the library. Yet, the prices of most XBox games has plummeted to $15 or less. Dozens of decent games can be had for $10 or less. With trade-in value, that might equal a rental in price.

yes they removed them, but they also added the NG arcade game which wasnt in the original xbox ninja gaiden.

For 2D fighters, you can’t beat Guilty Gear X2 Reload. Seriously. I cannot go back to Street Fighter now.

I’m sorta curious about the latest Samurai Shodown game because I was such a fanatic of this series back in the day, but I have the feeling GGX2 has ruined my chances of enjoying it too.

I’m tempted to buy the original ng for the 3 nes games, since finding the snes copy with the 3 games is probably going to cost more. I can’t think of any more xbox titles that haven’t been listed here yet.

SSV is really good, but you’re right to think that Reload beats it. The only thing that is ever better than the latest Guilty Gear is the next Guilty Gear.

The “Platinum Hit’s Greatest Hits” or some such moniker of games are out now. Best of, kind of, for 9.99. Great deal. I got two games I’ve never played, Mechassault and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Mechassault is hella fun so far. I’m really impressed with the descructibility of the environments and I love that the ammo for all weapons is unlimited, but makes you overheat. I also love the explosions of the other mechs.

Buildings blow up in this game better than any other last-gen game I’ve seen. Hell, with improved textures/lighting, better than any other game, period. When you accidentally walk into a building the glass in all the windows shatter. When some enemy runs behind a skyscraper and your shot goes errant and blows a hole in an office building . . . wow.

Seem linear. I’d love a game where I chose my contracts, built up my team, etc. I’m imagining this game with an X-COM or JA2 style strategic layer.

What’s the second one like?

Does GGX2#R (holy shit) play well over Live? I’ve never had the opportunity to try it out.

I picked up Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded for 10 bucks last week. At least the AI is improved (I can’t burn through CPU opponents without losing a round, as in the PSX version :P )

I wouldn’t worry about not going back to SF2 and all that. SF2 and SF3 have a far more managable pace to me than the GG and Versus titles.


Damn, reading this thread for game sI missed out on is painful since only like 2-3 of the must plays listed here work on the 360. Super lame!