Xbox @ 20

Good article. Thanks.

There’s a fun Xbox virtual history museum – haven’t seen “web 3D” in a while – that includes not just the history of each console, but also a personalized section you can explore with your most-played games, first achievements, etc.

It’s pretty neat. But other than my own private history museum, I didn’t have a good experience in the next area I tried: the original Xbox area. The first exhibit I clicked on, had a bunch of sound clips from Ed Fries, etc, except they would play about 10 seconds, then pause 10 seconds to buffer, then play 10 seconds, etc. Just not a good experience right now, probably too many people trying to see it right now.

I wouldn’t have guessed that Halo 2 is my most played game. Oblivion, Destiny, Witcher 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas were also in the Top 5.

Weird, zero issues with the videos and stuff for me – I was just exploring. You must have gotten on a bum CDN.

My most-played were Borderlands 2, Just Cause 2, LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga, Skyrim, and Witcher 3. But that’s only because Mass Effect was four games.

It tells me my most played game is Ninja Gaiden II, but won’t tell me how many hours that is, even if I check the game manually on the website. That’s annoying.

That personal museum is WILD. Holy shit, I’ve played 177 Xbox games? I’d be hard-pressed to recall 80 of them.

Also, watching that I Love Bees doc and recognizing two coworkers in it. Wild.

It’s counting GFWL too for some reason.

I played a lot of titles. But not nearly as many as Editor! :)

I err… played a lot of Warframe that year.

Yeah, but you have a much better titles-to-achievements ratio! A ton of mine were titles I was checking out for work, where I’d put in a little time and move on to the next shiny object.

After a career where I’ve almost always gotten a ton of free games (game journalist and then Xbox guy), it’s actually kind of a relief to have to pay for games. Makes me more invested in them and able to focus on just a couple of titles.

(Well, that would be the case if it wasn’t for friggin’ Game Pass. Blew two hours on the mesmerizing Exo One tonight when I’d intended to play Guardians of the Galaxy, which I haven’t started yet and it’s already on sale for Black Friday!)

This is hilarious to me -

No idea how Zuma’s Revenge got to be my most played game, I know my wife was pretty obsessed with it at one point. Also slightly bummed by original Xbox isn’t counted, but then I had a different gamertag then, actually canceled Xbox Live after a few months of multiplayer, figured I had had all the fun I was going to have.

My top was Idle Champions.

Played over 200+ in Planetfall & Skylines - that’s a lot of idling!
I didn’t even get all the achievements.

1218 games / 4362 / racing

This thing seems to think I owned the original Xbox and I did not. Is it because I played some OG Xbox game on 360? It’s smart enough to know that I didn’t own an Xbox One though while playing some of those games on Series S.

That makes sense.

Surprised that Overwatch is my most played, I’d have said Skyrim.

I could’ve called that one! Gamepass reaaaally lets you check out a ton of games in a short time, huh.

On steam I have Planetside 2 at 44 hours. I don’t think I’ve ever played it, or maybe did for a half an hour. Must have left it running in the background or something.

My Gamerscore is pretty pathetic.

Not surprised Diablo III my most played.