XBox 360: 600,000!

And here’s the facts:

According to NPD Group, the Xbox 360 has sold only 600,000 Xbox 360s in the US in its first eight weeks on the market, comparatively lower than the original Xbox at launch.

High consumer demand and console stock shortages and have hampered growth in North America and Europe, though Japan continues to show slow sales.

To combat the low stock levels, Microsoft is opening a new factory to produce more Xbox 360 units in the months to come, and plans to ship as many as 5 million total units by June 30. But considering that the company is still far from the one million mark, that goal may present a steeper challenge than first realized.

Shouldn’t it be 6 weeks, since the 360 came out on the end of Nov?

The fact that the 360 sold less than the PS2 in Dec is a big bashing point for a lot of the naysayers in Japan right now though.

Supposedly the ps2 sold over a million in December alone.

At this point, you have to wonder, who doesn’t own a ps2?

How does high consumer demand hamper growth?

I don’t although I should probably get one just for GuitarHero.

You should!

It’s also amazing to see how much more the 360 could have sold if it had had better stocks.

According to this internal memo, Gamestop still hasn’t delivered on 30% of its preorders.

I have yet to see an actual machine being sold at the stores since launch…and I hit these kind of stores pretty often too (well, not to buy a 360 though).

I still haven’t gotten a call from my gamestop about the 360 I preordered in August. I think it’s safe to say they used the 360s for bundlefucks. I wag my finger at them. The sad thing is i’ll probably just take the $50 preorder and move it to the PS3 as soon as I am able to.

…speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that Sony officially announced a few PS3 (presumably) launch games?

The Eye of Judgement(Working Title) Unknown
Genji 2(Working Title) Action
Angel Rings(Working Title) RPG
Monster Carnival(Working Title) Action RPG
Everybody’s Golf 5(Working Title) Spots
Gran Turismo Series Unknown

The fact that the genre for the Gran Turismo game comes out as unknown is pretty darn weird…

man, those sound great. I’m a big fan of Working Title!

I saw one . . . once. The box was smaller than I thought it’d be.

Surely not everyone who was planning to buy a 360 near launch is still patiently waiting for their opportunity to buy one. Money gets spent, attention spans run out, etc. MS is losing market share by absolutely failing to meet demand.


I saw 10 or so at circuit city in glendale while buying my new TV. looked like a full untouched shelf. The CC on sunset in silverlake has none at all though. The CC in glendale IS kind of sort of hidden a little, except for the sign, but I wasnt expecting to see any on the shelf anywhere in LA.

I didn’t get one.

Thought about it but there arent any games and I havent decided on how to solve only having 2 component hookups + DVD, DVR/cablebox, xbox, GC, and ps2. The pelican and joytech switchers look alright but have a ton of complaints regarding the signal quality, and expensive AV receivers dont have many inputs/outputs. If anything at all fucking used hdmi I’d have bought one even without any games out for it yet.

Hell, my dreamcast might be the only thing with a chance of using hdmi (vga-dvi-hdmi?). Ah well, it has a shitton more progressive scan games than ps2 (seriously, like almost every single DC game. WTF? way ahead of its time)

Unfortunately you can’t go from VGA to HDMI. I thought about it with my vga laptop going into my HDMI TV but it’s just not as easy as going from VGA to DVI to HDMI with adapters.

The Audio Authority 1154A is a great, automatic component/audio switchbox. No signal degradation that I can see.

Need something similar (and cheaper) for HDMI before the PS3 ships…

Then I guess I’ll have to go through the rigamarole the hdtv arcade forum guys had to to get component out working on dreamcasts so I can have 480p DC games.

thanks for the audio authority tip. Shame that site wont even tell me the price, heh. I’m supposed to get an email with the price? retarded. I fucking hate A/V stuff, shady ass websites and desperate tv salesmen, and tons of expensive yet shitty products.

edit- UGH! 179$ just to have a switch box that actually fucking works! and I’d need two since it only supports 4 devices. I want GC, xbox, ps2, dc, dvd, dvr/cable box, so that dealie is one input short WITHOUT me owning a 360 (TV has 2 component inputs) I really wish the hdmi port was something else if no device in the fucking world is going to use hdmi. Fuck you hdmi!

HD-dvd/blu-ray wont have enough content to bother buying an overpriced player until this tv is stone cold dead anyways.

apologies for the hijack is another option for component switches that don’t suck, but the external build quality is more akin to a cheap radio shack project box than anything else. The internals are first rate though, I can’t notice any degradation at all, and the IR setup is as easy as it gets. Still, would probably go with the audio authority too if I didn’t need two component outs instead of one.

And if you think $179 is bad, check out the prices on the DVI/HDMI switches. I finally bit the bullet and went with a Zektor 5.1 switch… ouch.

Personally I think I’d solve the switching problem by looking for a good quality AV receiver that had enough inputs/upconversion to handle what you want. I’m not sure how much/if such beasts exist though. You’re asking for a lot really, in hooking 7 devices up through a connection that has the bandwidth to switch HD. You might look at finding cheaper switches for the GC, PS2, DC, and DVD, since none of them actually need the bandwidth for HD. (You could also consider a tuner which upconverts to component from SVideo if you can live with SCideo output from some of the older consoles, depending on the quality of the de-interlacer in your TV and how picky you are. I’m just jealous you even have GC component cables. :P )

Wait- what can I use besides component to have progressive scan DVD playback? What besides component can allow for 1080i/720p/480p xbox/ps2/gc/x360 games? if there is another type of cable and switch, I’ll use it but there is not one to my knowledge. pelican and joytech make game console switchers that support component but they introduce a lot of video noise apparently and still cost $100.

I don’t care if it can switch HDTV but I need it to switch component, and I need it to handle 480p/720p/1080i signals, and I thought the latter two are HD? Are they lower BW because it isnt HD television shows? That doesnt make any sense.

I haven’t been able to find any AV receiver that has enough inputs (the crappy ‘gaming’ pelican/joytech things do have enough, ironically) and I’d rather not pay $$ towards audio since I use the …TV speakers! So that expensive receiver would be doing… nothing but giving allowing me to plug more than one console itno the TV without having to disconnect my DVD player and cablebox/dvr (I don’t need or want surround sound, stereo is fine w/ me, surround is nice but I wouldnt pay more than $20 for it and it will never be that cheap, I’m the opposite of an audiophile I guess)

honestly- why the fuck do any hdtvs have any inputs other than component and hdmi?

coaxial = useless
composite = useless
s-video = ok, maybe for the miniDV, but I have to plug that into the pc to edit anywys, I may as well burn a dvd to watch it on tv.

To sum up: HDTV sucks ass in every way except picture quality.