Xbox 360 and USB hubs

Question: can standard USB hubs be used with the Xbox 360? I am trying to connect a hub to the rear USB port so that I can run my network adapter, camera (when it comes out) and possibly a USB keyboard off it. But when I plug the network adapter in via the USB hub, the Xbox doesn’t recognize it.

Any ideas why this isn’t working?

EDIT: I just tried connecting a keyboard via the hub, and that works fine. But the network adapter doesn’t seem to work with it…

ANOTHER EDIT: A look at the official Xbox page on the network adapter says that it shouldn’t be connected to the Xbox via a USB hub. But why not? If it’s a USB device, why shouldn’t it work like any other USB device?

Someone over at GAF is suggesting that only a USB 2.0 hub will do… does anyone think this might be the issue? I’m not sure if the hub I tried it with already is 2.0, but I suspect it might not be…

Is the hub powered? It might not work with an unpowered USB hub, as it needs more juice. Otherwise, the USB 2.0 requirement is a reasonable one, though that would be a 360 limitation, not a USB one.

I tried with a powered hub, although I don’t think it’s a 2.0 hub. I’m going to try with a powered USB 2.0 hub later today.

My only concern is that running two high-bandwidth USB devices like a network bridge and a webcam through a hub might cause a degradation in performance somehow…

I doubt any of those devices individually are close to hitting the maximum theoretical throughput of USB 2.0; collectively, they’re probably still not even close.

Then again, I’ve never seen any USB 2.0 device hit the maximum theoretical throughput of the USB 2.0 specs.

Either way, there should be more than sufficient bandwidth (even with a crappy hub) to accomodate all of the devices you’ve mentioned Gary.

I don’t know if any of you saw it, but there is a new accessory out and available that is essentially a four port USB hub, but it is designed exclusively for the Xbox 360. Could there be some sort of proprietary system in the 360 that only allows certified hardware to be used?

Almost positive it needs to be USB 2.0