XBox 360 Backwards Compatibility: Fuck EA

So I’m looking at getting an XBox 360 sometime. I go look at the backwards compatibility list.

Games that have that aren’t on there that I might want to play:

Burnout: Revenge.

Dudes, you have takedown on the BC list, and you have an Xbox 360 version of Revenge, why don’t you BC this one? Oh, that’s right, because EA sucks. I have the XBox version of Lego Star War 2, and that’s got BC. I have fucking Battlestar Galactica, and Robotech, and they’ll work.

Isn’t Burnout: Revenge a 360 game as well? Why would they BC an inferior version of a game for the same system?

The greatest offender on the BC list is the lack of SC2 and the inclusion of fucking Barbie Horse Adventure.

Besides, the 360 version has HD graphics.

I’m positive you can grab the 360 burnout revenge for less than $20, the extra features are worth at least that

Speaking of which, it’s been ages since the last BC update from MS. Well, not ages. But this marks the longest stretch of time between updates for MS.

Oh, because perhaps not everyone has an Xbox 360 yet and would still like to play their games if/when they upgrade?

I mean, LSW2 has BC!

That should be “Barbie fucking Horse Adventure”. For the second entendre.

Oh, because perhaps not everyone has an Xbox 360 yet and would still like to play their games if/when they upgrade?

I just can’t see them putting any effort into making a title work when the equivalent 360 one is available.

As far as I’m aware, making a game BC has nothing to do with the publisher and everything to do with Microsoft.

We were informed by Microsoft that LEGO Star Wars II was going to be BC. That was the extent of our involvement here.

Just get the 360 version, it is miles better.

To clarify, even though it’s been said before, from what I understand they didn’t set out to fix Barbie Horse Adventures. I think they were working on making a different game BC and since they were somewhat similar (in terms of the fix they did) Barbie Horse Adventures just came along for the ride. I imagine that this happens a lot with BC for the Xbox 360. Then again, some fixes are probably easier than others and it also depends on how taxing it is on the 360 to emulate (whereas I imagine Barbie Horse Adventure could have a cheap, relatively inefficient fix and still perform “admirably”).

Hmm… yeah, the last one was August. I’d like to see about one per quarter, myself.

Maybe they’re saving up for a really big push to be announced at CES. MS always has some kind of CES Xbox announcement or two.

Maybe they’re done with BC. That’d be great… because it is a waste of effort. If you want to keep playing Xbox 1 games, keep an Xbox 1. Even games that do have BC support tend to have so many timing issues that it isn’t even like you are really playing the same game anymore.

If Microsoft hadn’t touted backwards compatibility, I’d say you have a point. If they had said, they only intended to make a select number of games BC, I’d say you have a point. But Microsoft at launch said that best-selling games would be made BC and then more recently said they aimed to make nearly all of their catalog BC.

Plus, of all the games I play that are BC, I’ve never had a problem. And I play few.

This is incorrect.

Everyone else: STFU about the Barbie game. We’ve gone over that, what, 50 times?

Yeah well I see your point and I guess they are committed to it now, but they never should have promised that shit. BC is overrated anyway.

Until they make Halo 1 play correctly in BC, I have no use for their BC. They claim Halo 1 works in BC, but it is all a lie because the timing is so far off that it is unplayable.

For all the fuss made about BC by myself and others, I have to admit that after one year I haven’t even one time wanted to play an XB1 game on my 360. I’ve never even tried it to see what it’s like.

Half the time you might as well fire up the old Xbox, half the time it’s perfectly fine. Just like almost all emulators.

We all know it is a secret conspiracy by MS to make Barbie Horse Adventure BC while leaving other games not working. We know it was the lead title on the emulator, don’t try to hide it Microsoft zealot!