Xbox 360 bundled with two free games for the holidays

I’ve read elsewhere that the bundled games are not bundled on one disc.
I’m pretty sure Forza 2 eats a full dual-layer disc already.

Neither Forza 2 nor Marvel Ultimate Alliance really knocks my socks off. yawn

A single title of better quality would have been a far better choice, IMO.

Give me a free card of Xbox Live Marketplace points and that game, and it would be a killer deal.

Unfortunately the only system exclusives for the 360 are either “meh” or Mature rated. :(

Why can’t they pack in GRAW 2. I thought GRAW was a great pack-in, and it’s the bundle I got. They should have done GRAW 2 and XBL points, that would have been neat.

Isn’t GRAW 2 also rated M?

There was a Gears bundle last year, that’s the one I got. I suppose it was only in Canada (at Futureshop, also with GRAW and Gun and a Live Arcade disk) ?

Nope, Teen.

Not sure where people got the idea that they can’t bundle M-Rated games. Xbox 1 had a Halo bundle:

I think this is the bundle that will push me over the edge and get a 360, cemented by Sony making their alternative option even less attractive as time goes on. I’m getting Gears for PC which looks like the better option, plus my wife will love Forza so less convincing required there.

Incidentally, presumably you can have separate gamertags for different 360 users? I’m such a console noob.

yeah, seperate PROFILES, will keep all your stuff seperate. Gamertags, you may want to have a shared profile/gt so you only pay for one live sub.

Bundling M-rated games is a dicey proposition. Probably better to be safe with T.

I think bundling Forza 2 is a brilliant idea, business-wise. Yes it’s sim-y, but it’s also a good T-rated game for the older crowd. You got the comic book hero stuff for the kids, and realistic street car stuff for the adults. But more importantly, Microsoft is trying to build up Forza as a long-term brand, a big-selling competitor to Gran Turismo. And so far, despite the games being awesome, it hasn’t worked. This is a good way to get the game in the hands of a few million more people, which will probably make Forza 3 a much bigger seller than it otherwise would have been.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that they CAN’T bundle M rated games, just that they are less likely to do so, especially for Christmas/Holiday bundles due to the parents-buying factor.

At any rate, it boggles my mind that GRAW/GRAW2 get T ratings while the Halo games get Ms. What is the reasoning for that? The violence in Halo is relatively cartoonish compared to GRAW and especially compared to other M games like Gears…

I don’t really blame those who say that MUA is “not on their 360 buying list” or say “yawn” but let me step in and say MUA is a totally kickass game. Good graphics, lots of superheroes, cool locales, local 4-player multi (at least I am pretty sure about that) it’s a surprisingly good game. You could do much, much, much worse than MUA and let’s be real, they aren’t going to pack in a game everybody is gonna buy anyway. Give away Halo 3 or Gears for free? That is crazy talk.

Forza 2 might not be, you know, a super-obvious pick, but it did sell very well and these simulation racers do sell in the millions. Lots of people like 'em.

Wasn’t the first Forza bundled with the Xbox at some point? Was that just too late in the Xbox’s life to make a difference?

Yes. That’s why I think people are overstating the impact of these bundles. At various times Xbox 1 had JSRF, Sega Rally, Halo, and Forza bundled with it and none of them drove the console to substantially bigger market share, nor have any of the games made themselves huge franchises from them (Halo had been out for years before it was bundled).

Putting something like Wii Sports in with the Wii was a masterstroke but I don’t think MUA or Forza 2 will have much additional impact on hardware sales.

Couldn’t agree more. What happened to bundling iconic games like mario, sonic, etc?

Same here, a price drop or different games would be better for me. Didn’t one of the stores have some kind of build your own bundle deal or something last year?

All the current bundles on the shelves in EB here in Oz are Gears as well, so it wasn’t just Canadia.

MUA is really a great game, and a fantastic bundle game. It appeals to a very wide audience and has four-player co-op, so it’s not a game the kiddies will be fighting over who gets to play next. I don’t know anything about Forza, but MUA is a great game to bundle with.

Oh, I like MUA. But I have it for PC, so the 360 version isn’t much of an incentive.

And the only racing game I can remember actually enjoying in recent years is Burnout 3: Takedown. Certainly I swing extremely arcadey on racers.

Does GRAW have swearing in it? Halo has a fair bit, which could be what pushes it into M territory.