Xbox 360 controller PC sound issues and sound drivers

Okay, this might take a while to explain.

I have the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. Whenever I plug it in, my sound goes all hinky. There’s a lot of background noise and crap going on. In searching the Internet, it seems like this happens to anyone who has their sound in the CM6501 thingamajig. Which I do.

Now, I recently lost a hard drive, and I’m on a fresh install of Windows. And last time I was using this controller was for Jade Empire, and I had no issues at all. But I know that back then I was using a generic set of audio drivers, I think RealTek AC97 or something like that. Then my sound and everything worked perfectly.

So my question, I guess – how can I get generic drivers back on my PC? When I try it now, here’s what happens.

Uninstall CM6501.
Run Realtek install.
Reboot when prompted.
Computer automatically finds new hardware and gets it as CM6501.
I swear a lot.

Can I get this other driver to overwrite the one I have now? Can I have two sound drivers installed and switch between them? Is this even possible to do, or am I basically out of luck until I get either another controller or another sound card?