Xbox 360 Elite LOL

That is all.



Unfortunately it’s still the same unreliable hardware. I think their only hope at this point is the cooler stuff coming out in the Fall. I’m just hoping my 360 lasts until at least then. <knock on wood> It would be interesting to see the failure rate on these things verus the PS2, though.

Aww, no picture with the box, Gary?

But y’know, the red plays off so nicely on the black console! The little dash of neon green on the power button… it’s almost festive.

I could do without the chrome DVD cover now, though.

Next time give me the $480 and I’ll kick you right in the nuts.

Gary, is that your 360?

Would you like to play a game, Dave?

I don’t think so. He wouldn’t be so gleefully making fun of it.

It’s not his. That picture was posted on NeoGAF on Sunday afternoon (also known as the day the Elites went on sale).

And the day after, they announced smaller chip sizes in the Fall.

They’ve been teasing us with that for a year now.

Yes, but its been, confirmed?

Actually the 65nm CPUs have been in production for some time now, just not rolled out yet. That article says they’re fabbing 65nm GPUs as well, which is news.

New mobo, same old problems. I’m looking forward to getting one of those 65nm rigs sometime during the course of my extended warranty.

I love how the 65nm chip is to Xbox 360 like “X game will save it!” is to PS3.

I suppose I am assuming that it’s excessive heat in the case that’s causing the unspecified-yet-seemingly-common failure rate. And that 65nm chips can help that problem.

I don’t think the 65nm chip is going to save anything, but it will be enough to get me to buy one. The reliability problems are what’s holding me back, not a lack of games. The 360 has like 6 games I want right now.

But using a smaller process says nothing about reliability. Mostly it just means a higher margin for the manufacturer.

Well, to me anyway.