Xbox 360 Elite LOL

And 65nm isn’t going to keep a disc drive from crapping out or discs from being scratched - that seems more like a mechanical problem.


The 65 nm will have all the graphics extras that the Elite has, right? I’ll probably be buying a 360 some time this year (I know, I said that last year)

Who says that? I don’t see that here, GAF, or anywhere.

As far as I know it won’t be a separate model, it’ll just be a silent change to the existing models, so you’ll still have to choose between Core(ha!)/Premium/Elite.

That’s correct. There will be no difference in terms of clock rate or other features. The 65nm chips will will perform identically, just run cooler and cost less to manufacture.

I thought Elite was going to be a limited run and the graphics feature would be folded into the Premium eventually. It’s a permanent SKU you need to buy if you want to full HDMI goodness?

Yes. The Elite being a limited edition was just one of the rumours prior the official announcement.


OK, thanks. I will go with the groupthink and wait for the 65nm supposed reliability bonus version of the Elite. I’m so decisive!

The end of this year will bring the 65nm 360, but I wouldn’t expect any changes in reliability. :P

Yeah, that’s what I meant by the “save the 360” comment above. That this die shrink is suddenly going to make the 360 reliable seems pretty pie in the sky given how often and many things go wrong with the box.

One can hope that the power brick will be smaller. That would be pretty cool.

Yeah, a smaller cooler running GPU and CPU won’t help a problem caused primarily by heat.

No one knows if the problem really is caused by heat. Hell, people are fixing their 360 by wrapping it in a towel and making it HOTTER!

There seem to be a myriad of problems. Microsoft has never indicated what the real issues are and has never owned up to it beyond offering a now industry standard one-year warranty.

To think this one change will suddenly make the 360 reliable is probably not something anyone should be betting real money on.

non lead-free solder would help, IMO.

Wrapping the 360 in a towel melts some of the solder and causes to reconnect, fixign the problem that busted it (temporarily). This is not a mystery and according to something I read new 360s have that problem fixed.

How many people with new-ish 360s have had a problem, really? I got mine for Christmas and it has been smooth as silk - and I know at this time last year systems were already starting to break down.

I’m not really on that side of the business but that sounds like bullshit. To generate that kind of heat the silicon must be running at temps way in excess of ~215c. That sounds wrong.

When it comes to M$ it’s okay to quote imaginary sources as far as Mr. Long is concerned.

One of the guys on the 1Up Yours podcast said he had personally done it to his 360 and it worked.

Wikipedia lists some low-temperature solder that melts at 118-139°C. Perhaps some of those were used.

Anyway, judging by the defect reports here the 360 definitely has more problems than just the heat generated by the chips. I’d love to see some data on how bad the situation really is but I guess that’s difficult as long as Microsoft doesn’t disclose the numbers.

You get yield gains from the tempurature loss as well as the area usage on a wafer. Anyone who doesn’t think you are going to get reliability increases from dumping 30% less power into a box that small is… barely big enough to hold my lunch.