Xbox 360 Full shot

I’m pretty sure this is the real deal.

It has the shape of the original Phantom design. Odd.

I’m not sure why you think it’s the real deal.

Somehow the words “LOL” embedded on the picture make me doubt the authenticity.

If its real I can’t say I like it much. But it may just be the huge “SA Games Forum LOL” super-imposed over it that’s clouding my judgement.

I don’t like the concave design- it will make it more difficult to stack other components on top of it.

extarbags, I can’t say much, but if you want to look at the xbox 360 / MTV ad that was on the net today, you can see a fair amount of resemblences to parts of that ad.

ugh… it is a flashlight or a console?

So you’re a secret agent?

yes worm. we have coordinates on your location.

Non-watermarked version :

Oh yea, it is supposed to be able to stand up.

Someone decently skilled in Photoshop could have cooked this up, though.

Go watch the Xbox 360 preview commercial and then say it again.

There are so many visual similarities in that commercial that tie in directly with this image.

It looks close to what IGN posted apparently from the OurColony thing here:

But not quite close enough to convince me.

Can you direct us to where we might watch that commercial? I assume you’re not suggesting we actually watch MTV for any length of time.

I guess it’s possible, but it’s a DAMN good Photoshop if it is.

I guess it’s possible, but it’s a DAMN good Photoshop if it is.[/quote]
Some of the lighting seems weird to me, highlights at different angles on curves than what I’d expect at first, although I’ve also imagined scenarios (sitting on a lit surface) that could account for the initially apparent oddities. So yeah, at first I want to scream PHOTOSHOP too, but I can also rationalize it away if need be, and of course it could be official and still be a Photoshop, anyone remember the initial screenshots released for Amped?

My biggest skepticism still comes from trying to reconcile this image with the IGN linked image.

Check out for the commercial.

Ok, I checked it out, what are the “so many similarities”? All I saw was the curved building which you could argue was like the curve of the console.

The circle near the end resembled the power button. The street signs looked odd as well.

I highly doubt it is a fake. If you check out the other sites, more pictures of the same thing are surfacing.