Xbox 360 Games That Aren't Oblivion

This group being a fickle bunch, I’m sure I’m not the only one anticipating this week’s releases. Both Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires and Far Cry Instincts: Predator should hit store shelves in the next day or two (with Rumble Roses XX following later in the week for those who like that sort of thing). Both games are merely enhanced ports, but each seems interesting.

I missed out on the previous DW Empires title, but the changes sound refreshing. Keep the same mindless kickass combat as always, but combine it with a stripped-down version of Rot3K’s strategic play. Prerelease coverage of this game has been embarrasingly absent, but the 360 version appears to be little more than a slightly graphically enhanced port of the PS2 version that also hits this week. Still, at $40, this should be a really good value.

I also missed out on Far Cry Instincts when it hit the Xbox. Reviews were generally positive but tended to downplay what I would consider serious flaws, like difficulty spikes and a scarcity of checkpoints. The 360 version is a graphically enhanced version of this game and its standalone expansion, Evolution, which hits the Xbox this week. It remains to be seen if the aforementioned flaws are corrected in the 360 version or in the expansion. Regardless, the inclusion of Live play and a level editor means this game should get a decent multiplayer following.

Dynasty Warriors is, of course, a must-buy. I’m expecting the single-player flaws to still be present in this version of Far Cry, so I’ll probably pass on that unless we’ve got some fans here who will be pumping out new levels and playing multiplayer. So, who’s game?

I hated Far Cry and almost always avoid console iterations of PC FPSs so won’t be bothering with the X360 version.

Dynasty Warriors, I could be up for. I have fond memories of the console original. But really, I don’t see myself buying anything new for sure until Dead Rising comes out in June. Tomb Raider Legend is also on my radar, but I’m waiting to see if the hype is justified or, well, just hype.

What’s the deal with Frame City Killer? Is that supposed to be good or shit?

Early screenshots were like an N64 game. Literally.

I started calling it Frame Shitty Killer but I doubt Im the only one who did.

I saw those terrible screens but had a hard time believing those graphics would be that bad at launch. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

What gary said, except I’m also mildly interested in rumble roses, just because it looks soooo fucking ridiculous.

So, rent, skip, rent, I think is my plan w/ those 3 titles. Though I might not ever even get around to that, I think I have enough 360 stuff to last me until Dead Rising.

Far Cry: Instincts was a much better game than the PC version of Far Cry. Ubisoft Montreal basically removed all of the things that made the original game not fun and and added in a bunch of things that I consider to be huge improvements from a gameplay standpoint (for instance, the ability to set traps for the mercs). It’s like they took the license and the tech and remade the original Far Cry to be totally sweet instead of moments of sweetness followed by pound-your-head-against-the-wall frustration. Not to mention the improved production values on the audio side (voice acting that doesn’t sound like a parody of itself, soundtrack by Paul Haslinger) and it’s a game that’s very much worth checking for anyone who likes shooters, especially now that you can grab it for $20-25.

My only serious complaint about FC:I was that my aging Xbox encountered a number of major framerate hitches. I bet it’s dead sexy on the 360, though. If I had one I would totally buy FCI: Predator.

I’m definitely looking forward to Far Cry on X360. I really liked the xbox verison but stopped playing when I heard about the x360 release (why I would be just throwing away achievements!)

DW might be interesting especially since fry’s will have it for $30. It might be worth a look.

Nobody getting rumble roses? :-)

You don’t say.

I’m snagging The Outfit and skipping Far Cry and Dynasty Warriors. I probably won’t buy another 360 game for a little while.

Yeah, I’m still planning to pick up The Outfit. I’m just waiting for Rhino to stock it so I can use the $250 in credit I have there.

Those are some high definition sluts.

I might snag the outfit myself actually, forogt about it and I have a stack of psp trash and unplayed DS stuff + pgr3 to trade in and nothing much else I want aside from PSP megaman.

You don’t dig PGR3? That’s something I won’t give up. There’s nothing that looks that pretty and plays so smoothly in the 360 lineup IMO.

I played it for about 5 minutes. It was my ‘forced to buy - bundle’ game. I dont even like driving real cars, my dad races cars and burnt me out on everything automotive completely.

It’s really nice for a car enthusiast game - and its very pretty. But I cant deal w/ race only games, I do like burnout quite a bit and I even like racing in say, gta where it isnt the only thing in the game, but pure racing/driving? no thanks.

I’ll admit that depending on how well they model Oahu or whichever island it is, I may end up getting Test Drive. I just like the concept of them modelling a whole island and the online stuff might be fun, depending. Also I go to Hawaii a ton and would get a kick out of it if it is pretty accurate (though I wish is was Maui because the road to Hana is nutsy)

Didn’t DOA4 already do HD sluts?

watch the videos of the game. It makes doa4 look like romper room. This is like, hardcore lesbian action, except the are slightly clothed and are supposedly ‘fighting’

You hated Fry Cry? I hereby revoke ytour gamers card. That game rocked! What did you dislike about it? BTW, let’s play something on Live tonight…

Hmmm. Perhaps this warrants further investigation after all. Is it rated M?

Far Cry on Xbox went a pretty different direction than the PC original; dumber AI, condensed level maps, F-bombs dropped endlessly for ‘dramatic effect’. The campaign did little to enthrall me after a couple hours of play. It’s greatest calling was the new feral powers that let you jump like a vampire and claw dudes to death. I’m also told the Trigen got the boot in the lategame fortunately, but I never got far enough to see myself.

Multiplayer was surprisingly great though. The map creation was used to great effect and some folk went so far as to mimic the Tribes experience creating massive mountain ranges and valleys to jump around on. Plus you can kill each other with hangliders.

I’m still probably gonna pass on this double dip though. Dynasty Warriors is a big possibility for me unless I get suckered into Kingdom Hearts 2…or, most likely, stick to my continued Oblivion addiction. Battlefield 2 and Tomb Raider are also around the corner for 360.

If it isnt rated M, then it betetr be rated AO or the ESRB will have splaining to do…

go to or whatever and check it out. It is SUPER fucking ridiculous.