Xbox 360 Games That Aren't Oblivion

Speaking of ratings, I’m shocked that Oblivion ended up with a T. Severed heads. DOOM-worthy trips to Hell. Someone goofed. It’s like they created the game to validate what we do at GamerDad.

Anyway… I picked up The Outfit tonight for $6 used after a couple PSP trade-ins. w00t!

I’m up for some Outfit, hell I’ll even play co-op.

I’m going to Cyrodiil tonight. But I’m going to play some Outfit tomorrow night! My wife’s got the 360 at the moment though. Feeding Frenzy… she’s bitching at the fish.

That’s okay I’ve been busy with a preview copy of Sword of the Stars. Let me know tomorrow though, are you Pacific time?

No, I’m Eastern.

I may trade in PD0 or something for Far Cry. It sho does look purty

Oh yeah, it’s easily M-rated. I’m not sure any game that lets you customize the proportions of both the T and A of each character could get away with a lighter rating.

I will say that the original Rumble Roses honestly wasn’t the worst game ever. At least worth a rental just to see the hilariously cheesy/sleazy story mode in action (all the insanity of the Metal Gear games, but with awful voice acting and rivalries starting over who’s got the better tits). But it lacked the awesome customization of the WWE Smackdown series, so it got old very fast. RR:XX will add a create-a-wrestler mode, so that should help solve the lack-of-customization problem, but it’s impossible to tell from previews whether it’s as good as Smackdown’s awesome create mode, or if it’s instead similar to DOA4/Soul Calibur 3’s modes (which are decent but nothing more).

As far as Dynasty Warriors 5:Empires goes… DW3 was THE reason I got a Playstation 2 several years ago. It was that spectacular. But Koei’s milked this cash cow to the point of dehydration. And I was anything but impressed by the supposed ‘strategy’ element of DW4:Empires. I will definitely rent, but it’ll have to be a serious kick in the ass to convince me to buy.

What is this phantom xbox of which you speak?

Picked up Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires and The Outfit on the way home today. I’ve spent a few hours with DW now and am very impressed. This is absolutely the pinnacle of the series up to this point.

First, the complaints:

Yeah, graphics are very last-gen. But I stopped noticing the graphics after about 20 seconds.
Usual complaint of ridiculous voice acting. Surely you’re used to this by now.
Lack of camera control hurts. I don’t actually miss the horizontal adjustment too much, since there’s a “focus camera behind player” button, but the game needs vertical adjustment. Too often you’re staring at the ground 5 feet in front of you because you’re on a slope but the camera remains level. It hasn’t interfered with gameplay yet, but it’s annoying.
Some of the levels are night levels, and these are dark. Not Burnout Revenge dark, but still dark. No brightness setting.

Now, the goodness:

It’s fun.
It’s really fun. It’s like everything you ever liked about Dynasty Warriors without the crap. No more getting stuck on the same mission and replaying it over and over; the strategic layer ensures that you always have options. For example, alliances, which as far as I can tell cannot be turned down. Or building items. Or training any of your officers (any of which could be your character, and you can change your character every battle if you want) to improve their stats. Or hiring new officers. Or raising the defense of an area. Etc. It really proves the advantage of a campaign over a series of static missions.
No more crap missions. Since every battle is either pure offense or pure defense, you don’t have to put up with shit like DW3’s “Catch the escaping carriage” mission.

I’ll type more later, but tornado sirens are sounding.

You can actually give orders to the other officers now. You use the D-Pad, and the options are 1) Attack nearest enemy base, 2) Defend nearest friendly base, 3) Converge on my location, and 4) Do whatever the hell you want. If those options aren’t enough for you, the pause menu gives you access to individual officers’ orders, where you can tell them to assist a specific friendly officer or base or attack a specific enemy officer or base.

Bases contribute to a sort of front line, behind which bases cannot be captured. So you don’t have to worry about rushing, because the outer bases must be captured first.

Basically, it’s like I said: the pinnacle of the series. The combat is the same as ever, which is both good and bad, but the additions to the game elevate the entire experience. If you’ve ever liked a Dynasty Warriors game, you owe it to yourself to pick this up.

Funny thing about Rumble Roses XX…it got better reviews here in Japan than Fight Night 3! :)

I guess the other shocker was that Ninety Nine Nights got a 37/40 review from Famitsu 360 this week, with all the reviewers saying that the demo is a very poor showcase of how good the game actually is…which is a relief. That demo didn’t do much to impress, IMHO.

SO FREAKING ECSTATIC to hear that about 99 Nights. The initial reports from Japan nearly had me weeping like a baby.

And no friggin’ way is RRXX better than FNR3. I mean I’m as big a fan of tits/ass as anyone, but guh?! It’d have to be a vast improvement upon the original just to be pretty decent, whereas I think FNR3 was a wonderful return to form for that series (Burger King ads notwithstanding). And from browsing GameFAQs for a bit, it is apparently a merely okay improvement over the original, plus it boasts/suffers from the most insane volume of unlockables (and equally insane methods of unlocking them) seen in any game since Burnout 3.