XBox 360 games to soon be on HD DVD?

Intresting quote from GAF:

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Microsoft hasnt determined whether to do Xbox 360 games in blue-laser HD DVD, but has ruled it out for this holiday when it ships its HD DVD drive for movie playback through the Xbox 360, said Dave Luehmann, gen. mgr.- Microsoft Game Studios. Speed of loading is Microsofts big concern about HD DVD games on the Xbox 360, Luehmann said. Xbox 360 games on red-laser DVD9 can run at 12X speeds at data transfer rates that arent a problem, but the same cant necessarily be said of HD DVD game content, and Microsoft wants to be confident of pleasing users, he said. He wasnt more specific about delivery timing of the HD DVD drive. Microsoft hasnt released pricing on the drive, but will do so shortly, he said. He vowed it would be offered at a great and affordable price, repeating statements of other Microsoft executives that the drive would be the cheapest HD DVD player available.

When contacted, though, Microsoft didn’t outright deny the possibility. “We have yet to make any official announcements regarding plans for HD DVD use on games” a spokesperson told 1UP.

Wonder if they’ll do a flipper disc. One side DVD and the other HD DVD.

Hmm… I strongly think they won’t, as they said, they were quite happy with DVD discs, and wouldn’t advise going to HD-DVD, as not all people will buy an HD player just to play the game…

I know I won’t buy one until ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Hardware addons for games always fail.

I think this is something where they are just keeping the option open if the additional Blu-Ray storage really becomes an issue for them down the line.

Hahah… I love the first page of that thread you posted… brilliant stuff there…

Remembers pics of the Sega addon, both on Genesis and Dreamcast

What’s the point for HD-DVD on the 360 when it comes to games? Does the regular DVD player stop working when this addon is hooked up or something? I highly doubt devs are going two start making to diffrent versions of 360 games.

I guess if a game got to be so big it needed 2 DVD’s then they could release a HD-DVD version too but I doubt thats going to happen much.

why would anyone make a flip disc? it’s more expensive, and you’d still need two discs for the dvd version

HD side would have HD FMV and the DVD side would have ye old Mpeg 2 FMV.

What on Earth would be the point of that?

too expensive for the potenttial benefit, scratches, additional tech support hassle from morons putting the wrong side on etc.

FMV? Is that an issue anymore? I thought the bigger concern was whether or not games would start needing more space for their assets than the DVD format could provide. There would be no point to a flip disc if the only reason for using HD DVD was extra storage for the game.

I thought ALL the concernw as over HD quality FMV not being super compressed. (Which I dont think is an issue since everyone w/ HD sets today is watching mostly cable/sat. content, which is badly overcompressed already.)

If MS still want to distance themselves from the PC image then they shouldn’t bring out any more add-ons. The colour and the hard drive is enough.

The MS ball cam will change all that, just you wait.

No games on HD-DVD, ever. (Warning: 1up link, use your strongest ad blockers!)

why link to 1up at all? the thing I like most about this whole blogging phenomenon is that companies actually post the stuff themselves, since they don’t have to wait for some tard webmaster to update the main site, they just do a blog post.

Because I read the story on 1up and they didn’t include a link to the original weblog which I don’t read.