Xbox 360, got mine

Had it preordered out here in Philly. Perfect Dark Zero, Project Gothem Racing, Madden, Call of Duty, and an extra wireless controller. PM me if you want my gamertag, but it looks like I have to do some kind of converstion on my Xbox Live account.

I’m setting it up now. Man, there were about twenty people hanging around out front even after the manager told them they wouldn’t have any leftover. Like they thought he was just pulling their legs.

Cool, post your first impressions!

Yeh - especially about PGR. I only ever seem to play racing sims on consoles.

I picked mine up at the Zero Hour event. Of course I don’t have an HDTV to hook it up to, and I’m heading out of town for a week on Wednesday, so I won’t be able to play with it until next week at the earliest.

I got one. I went to a million stores and was in a few raffles. I called up the guys at my local Gamestop, since they know me pretty well by now, and ended up using my shit-ton of store credit on a core system at around 12:45 EST. Hell , it didn’t really cost me anything so why not. I already had Kameo, PGR and Condemned as well as a wireless controller and a couple of charge and play kits. I grabbed the hd cables and a memory card (HDD is hard to find apparantly) and hav played Kameo and PGR a little.

PGR: so far it’s kind of, well, PGR. It looks nice, though not as nice as I had hoped.

Kameo: pretty cool and very attractive. Think I may try condemned in a minute.

The console itself is pretty slick. It’s not all that big, though the power supply is a bit on the large size. I really like the on/off /live button on the controller. received a message from Tom while playing a game, hit the button and received it immediately. Very cool stuff.

Disclaimer: I got the Core package because I had a bunch of credit (several hundred dollars worth) and was tired of looking. I do not suggest anyone get this package because if you pay full price for it plus all the addons you are getting ripped off.

So why did you buy one on the day of release instead of waiting until you came back ?

Not trying to steal his reply, but Zero Hour (where he picked up the 360) was the big invitation-only Microsoft party in the desert. It was an event rather than a lineup.

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Giles, Jason: do you guys have HDTV?

I’m having a blast with NFS: Most Wanted. I loved the Underground titles too. Totally cheezy FMV but the enviroments are gorgeous and I just love the speed + fake-o urban gansta vibe that it has.

Also logged 3-4 hours with GUN (sadly my Achievements don’t show it since I did it before I logged into Xbox Live and then discovered I can’t transfer those between profiles). I don’t know how different it is from the Xbox version but I’m having fun with it.

I’m trying to ration out my titles… Condemned, CoD 2, Kameo, THAW, PDZ, and PGR3 are all waiting for rotation. :)

The Xbox Live stuff is pretty slick, and I love love love the new Achievements / Gamerscore thing (unhealthy obsession – I seriously considered restarting GUN and replaying 3-4 hours just to get my Gamerscore recorded properly).

Got mine - the Gold bundle from Gamestop just arrived.

Yeah I have a HDTV. a 34" sony wega widescreen.

on a side note: I found a hard drive today. That makes me a very lucky man

I’d seriously consider ebaying it. The lowest prices seem to be close to $1000.

Okay, it’s been a long night and morning, but I gotta say. I totally feel like a sucker. First of all, my wife let us get this thing partly becuase my oldest boy really wanted it, so there’s that. His birthday is in two weeks, so he can’t know about it till then, but I can sneak in play time at night after he’s gone to bed and when the kids are at school, like now.

So here’s the deal. I picked it up last night and set it up in our basement rec room. I was up until 4am (no work for Turkey Day vacation). My wife took the kids to school then I got up and played some more. The kids will be home soon, so now it’s put up for the day.

But here’s the deal. Overall, I really wish I hadn’t blown all the money. If my boy didn’t really want one, I’d box this sucker up and sell it on eBay. Seriously.

As for the games. Now Madden, yeah, I know, I’m a sucker for that but I knew what I was in for. But Project Gothem is really just not so hot. This is the same kind of racing game as everything else. It’s cool how you can look around, but that’s it. Call of Duty is fun, but again, it’s the same kind of Medal of Honor game as everything else. I saw it on my buddy’s PC at work and kind of wish I’d just gone with that when I get a new videocard for Christmas.

But what really gets me is Perfect Dark Zero, which is seriously just bad. I mean bad in so many ways. It pisses me off that it’s the main thing I wanted to get (we won’t let the kids play it since it’s rated M, so this one’s all for me) and it seems like they just slapped it together real quick. It doesn’t even look that good. And the missions are lame. I didn’t get online yet, and I’m only to Mission 11 in Africa, but cripes I hope it gets better.

To answer Jason Cross, I don’t have HDTV, so maybe that’s the deal. But we aren’t getting one since this was pretty much the big Christmas/birthday deal. I suppose the boys will like it (kids don’t know a good game from a bad one!), but like I said, if it wasn’t for them, I’d box this up, make a mint on eBay, and go back to my PC, Xbox, and PS2.

I honestly don’t see how the 360 is worth it without putting it on either a monitor or High Def TV. Especially the launch titles, which are largely about graphics rather than much else.

I’ve got it running on my monitor and I think the games I have look great, FWIW.

I don’t know, from the screenshots of the launch titles it just looks like some of them have utterly atrocious art design. Kameo and PDZ especially just look like poop, sure it’s high resolution high poly poop but in terms of actual artistic merit they look crap. Project Gotham looks nice but it’s pretty much just photo textures, and Call of Duty 2 has that glossy/plasticky nonsense that developers can scarcely seem to do normal mapping without.

I am sure it’s a real uber system and in a year or so we’ll see some absolutely stunning games, but the launch titles are seriously underwhelming.

as many of us know… graphics, glitz and glamor does not make a good game. or game system.

p a s s…

And, as we also know, launch titles are always sub-par with respect to what the system can do.

Yeah, I was surprised to come into work today and find out that not one person on my dev team bought a 360 or was planning to for a while. The hype is completely absent from my social circle.

I only had a chance to play PDZ before crashing last night, plus I played with some of the video and music playback.

It looks FAN FREAKING TASTIC on a 92" front projected screen.

PDZ’s control seemed a little sluggish, time will tell tho. The controllers absolutely rock for my fat but short fingers.


Gamespot disagrees.