Xbox 360: Hacked

The dvd firmware rewrite hack that has been percolating around the Internet for the last couple of months seems to have finally come to fruition:

The modified DVD firmware has been released for the Toshiba-Samsung H943 Xbox 360 DVD drive. Just like Commodore4Eva’s modified Xbox1 FW, it will need raw/unmodified dumps (of same region as your console), some patching (security sector on ISO and DVD drive key on firmware) and DVD+DL (yes double layers!) recordable discs to work. This release comes with tools to make this all as easy as possible. Also included is a 2nd firmware that will allow you to extract the security sector (what you have to patch on the raw ISO) from an original discs with your TS-H943 drive connected to a PC.

It has been independently tested, so this appears to be the real deal. This will only play backups. The main problem is, this will also allow manipulation of the non-executable files on the DVD. Cheaters ahoy!

Give us XBOX360MediaCentre + Emulation!
(So I can finally retire my XBOX…)

So to summarize, if I understand this correctly:


  • No mod chip need, just flash the firmware on the DVD drive.


  • Only some 360s have the Toshiba DVD drive.
  • MS will almost certainly ban you from Live when they detect the firmware.
  • No “legit” purposes for doing it (yet).

Tempting, but no thanks.

Only reason I modded my xbox and ps2 was because of the hd loading for speed and conveniance. Just playing “backups” isn’t tempting at all. Well maybe if I had a bunch of kids or careless roomates, but I don’t.