XBOX 360 hard-locking :( maintenance I can do?

I’m having a friend over for the first time in forever to play UFC and my Xbox360 keeps locking up after 10 seconds. I don’t see any red rings. What can I do to help fix this?

Now it won’t boot, I just get a red-checkered pattern.


It’s working for the moment - longest it’s stayed alive so far today (7 minutes).

Coffin time. :(

Yeah that’s the final warning before the lights.

Had it going for 20 minutes, then it locked up again.

What is the current policy for getting it fixed/replaced?

Go to the microsoft xbox support website.

Enter in the xbox serial number and stuff, and whats wrong.

The website will tell you if you’re under warranty.

It’s been a while since I had to do that, so come back here and tell us what their policy is when MS tells you. I’m curious.

checkers mean bad video.

sorry, man.

Gosh damn it. 3 Red rings. And quite the irony on timing.
My wife got a new layoff notice along with 27 others in the city (she’s got the least seniority) so I immediately suspended our Directv service to save some money - after all, I can just stream lots of stuff to keep us entertained via Netflix and the xbox360… or not.

RROD is good – that has the three year warranty coverage, ie, they’ll fix it (or send you a replacement box) for free.

Just remove the hard drive before you send it in. Obvious in hindsight, but not always when you’re packing the thing up.

Man, that’s a lot of RRoDs around here in the past couple of weeks.

Just wanted to apologize for complaining in two threads. This was more of a “keep it alive” post, so I’ll move over to the “my xbox is crapping out” thread for the rest.

Thanks for helping. :)

Mine just went through the same issues: locking up, checkerboard screen, but no RRoD (except once, as I was going through the online troubleshooting).

I went ahead and called MS and they said that they would do a repair for $119.

At this point is it worth just getting one of the new ‘slim’ systems? I’ve read that my current HD won’t fit on the new model, so I’d be looking to get the standard 250GB slim system (which lists for $299).

Is the hardware in the new systems worth the upgrade at this point?

Thanks in advance for the advice!