Xbox 360 hdtv cable problem

I got my 360 today and attempted to plug in my optical calbe into the xbox360 hdtv optical slot. The cable goes in but will not lock. I have pushed as hard as I can, checked to see if I was placing it in correctly, and even tried other optical cables. Anyone else have this issue? I feel like I’m very unlucky with electronics.

I have two different HD connectors for my 360, one MS and one third party. I just tried two different optical audio cables with each of them and had no locking problems.

The heads of the optical cables are notched. It isn’t possible you’ve got the wrong alignment, is it? That’s unlikely, of course. You probably just have terrible luck with electronics.

Some optical cables ship with a little bubble cap on the end of them. If yours has one on it, it will never fit into the 360, take it off!

Sorry if you’re fully aware of that and this sounds like stupid newb advice, but I’ve seen people make that mistake before and I have no idea what your experience is with audio cables in the past.

I’ve heard some 360 cables do have issues with the toslink cable fitting in snug even ignoring silly issues like the above, but both of my 360 cables (component that came with the device and VGA cable) have snug fits on the audio cables.

Thanks for the replies, but I was using this optical cable for my xbox before so I know it works. I tried several other optical cables as well and yes, the plastic cap is off. It really doesn’t matter though, because I decided I wanted to play the xbox and see it in action only to get 3 red lights!!!


there are four lights!

There…Are…3 LIGHTS!!!