Xbox 360 headset

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a groomsman gift for my best man. I talked to his girlfriend and she suggested a headset for the xbox, as she’s sick of listening to Modern Warfare 2 til midnight every night.

Do you all know of a headset that does Xbox Live chat + Game sounds? Wireless preferable, but not necessary.

Thanks in advance, I’ll keep checking Froogle for something.

A friend of mine picked up the Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 for exactly the same MW2-based reason, and he’s pretty happy with it.

I have a variant of that same headset and love it. I even use it for some single player games where sound immersion is important (i.e. Bioshock).

Perfect, added to cart. I had only seen the x41 which was like $200, this x31 is in my price range.

X4’s are awesome. I love mine, I just don’t find myself in situations where I need surround sound and mic in a game when I have a surround system normally.