XBox 360 Live! game time!

Thinking about hosting a PGR3 game tonight if anyone wants to come join. Xaroc and I played some last night and had a blast. What time would be good for people?

my live tag is hurkymcmaster if anyone doesn’t have it.

Changed the thread title because why does it just have to be pgr3? anyone have CoD2 and want to play some multiplayer or something? or maybe PD0, I know Tom would like to shoot me some more.

Not sure what my availability will be tonight but conceptually, I’m in!

Ditto. Tonight’s poker, but on another night I’d be up for some PGR3, CoD2, or NFS:MW. Or some Joust.

I just got my box yesterday so my gametime with PGR3 has been brief, but I’d be game for getting whipped as you all go against my Kia. Otherwise, pretty much any Live Arcade game you all want to play, I’m in for. I need to clean up my friends list and add some of you again though, and ideally grab a wireless headset today (great to see you again Xaroc, I miss Phantom Dust).

I work second shift, east coast, so the absolute earliest I could do anything is 12:30 am EST, but if you’re still playing then, I’ve got PGR3 and PD0 (and an Xbox 360, haha suckers etc).

Phantom Dust was good times. Man if we could get at least 4 people to play that again I would totally jump back in. I love that game. I hope they do a part two for the 360.

For online races in PGR3 there is a wide range of cars to use so don’t worry about having unlocked anything. Also you can use AI drivers to round out the field so it can be QT3 plus bots so we get no annoying strangers. Just annoying people we know. ;)

– Xaroc