XBox 360 media stuff

I’m just confused as to why you’d want to have your mp3 collection stored on the 360 HD. Seems like a waste of space.

Because it’s nice to have a music collection there without having any other devices connecting to it. That’s the point of a hard drive. I don’t think I filled up more then 5% of the original Xbox HD and that’s with an album or two burned on it.

Back around launch day, there were reports of people hooking up various usb devices to their 360 to see if they worked. Some of these reports said that usb storage devices such as flash drives and external hard drives were recognized and could be used for music or pictures. Can anyone here confirm or deny this? I’m running 2000 and have no plans to upgrade, and it would suck if the whole custom soundtrack thing is completely off-limits to me.

I know you can connect an iPod via USB and play songs from it. I’m almost positive it will even carry your playlists over.

I think that any mp3 player that supports USB (i.e. not ones that play mp3s from cd) will work similarly. I know that the PGR3 manual certainly implies this.

Wait a minute, I was told you could record videos on it in a way like a Tivo or something. Can you not do this? I have one of those TimeWarner DVRs and it totally sucks. They only reason I do not drop it is because its only 5 bucks a month and better then no DVR.

I was asking my friend the same question, and he told me he thought of something similar when XBMC came out with the ablity to read your Tivo streams. Why would he need that if his Xbox was right next to his Tivo?

Then he realized, “what if I put my Xbox in another room and I could stream my Tivo to that room?” All of the sudden it seemed pretty cool.

Basically the video streaming is designed for people with more than one TV. I still think it’s dumb to only allow it from a Media Center PC but, like you say, that’s what XBMC and an old Xbox is for.

The 360 is not a DVR. You cannot use it to record video.


No. No, I don’t.

Anybody figure out how to stream from linux yet?

That thing I asked about? It works. I threw a couple of MP3s on a USB thumb drive and plugged it into the 360, and it showed up as a portable storage device under the music blade. Now I just need to buy a USB hard drive to leave permanently plugged into the system.

I haven’t seen an MP3 player that didn’t work, but I’m sure one is out there.

Playlists do indeed work on the iPod - actually nothing is “carried over” at all (the 360 doesn’t rebuild some local library or anything), it literally streams it straight off the iPod. Even the smart playlists like “5 star music” work fine.

As was mentioned above, standard USB storage devices work, too. If you have a big USB thumb drive, you can dump MP3 and standard format playlists (.pls and probably some others) onto it. USB based hard drives work, too, as long as they’re FAT32 formatted.

GMicek borrowed my digital camera, a Canon Powershot S500. He took some pics with it and then, using the USB cable, plugged it into the XBox 360. It almost immediately popped up under the photos part of the media center, with decent photo browsing and such. He also saved one of the pics off the camera as his dashboard background.

So still on the “media” topic, but not the “mp3” part. Hehe.

Whoa, you can save your photos as Xbox dashboards? I did not know that.