Xbox 360 naming theory

Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere before (and it probably has) but I was just thinking again about how much I don’t like the name “Xbox 360” and it occured to me that maybe part of the reason that they called it that is because with “Xbox 2” and “PlayStation 3”, it might sound to the layperson like the Xbox is somehow a generation behind the PlayStation.

Obviously they couldn’t just call it Xbox 3, so they came up with something that allowed them to shoe the “3” motif in there somehow else instead.

Works for me, at least more than the official bullshit Microsoft put out about why they arrived at that moniker.

It’s funny how they claim to be taking the Japanese market seriously and then come up with a name that’s ridiculously awkward to pronounce in Japanese.

X-Box-Three-Six-ty (5 syllables) English


X - Box - 3 - 6 - 0
E-kku-su-bo-kku-su-san-roku-maru (9 syllables) Japanese.

Maybe they’ll just shorten it to X3 soon?

Yeah that makes sense. It’s still a pretty dumb name though. I wonder what they’ll call the next system.

I really really doubt they’ll say san-roku-maru for the 360 part, it’ll probably end up being turi-shikusuti or something. Which of course has even more syllables than san-roku-maru :)

Check the Japanese hardware sites. That’s the official pronounciation :)

Xbox 4pLaY.

Heheh I remember that company. Even more overpriced than Alienware.

I recall this being the actual reason. No need for a theory.

Wow, I guess nobody told Microsoft having American-sounding words is cooler.

That makes perfect sense, and I’m sure that’s the reason. In fact, I bet they sold the name by pointing out that it sounds like an even more impressive number than 3 (as in PS3). Seems silly, but I guess marketing people know their business (or like to think they do). Still, Sony has the opportunity to counter the strategy by launching the PS3 as the PlayStation 360+1. Or hell, why not just go with the PS 360x1,000,000?

In reference to Crazy Ken, the Playstation : Overtime!

The smart money on the follow up is Xbox Force.

Co Ca Co La, pheotically, is “Eat the wax tadpole” in Chinese.

Or something like that. Those bathroom readers sure do have a lot of useful information.

Status: Not quite

What you’re saying seems reasonable, with one other factor…

360 is a common term in sports. Ice skating, basketball, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing… any sport in which a human can undergo a full revolution while in the air.

Of course, once you’ve spun around you’re still right there… but maybe Microsoft is trying to say “See what we can do! We’ve spun around!”

Microsoft is hoping to get an edge through their naming system with the sports crowd, especially the “Xtreme” youth market.

I thought they called it the 360 'cause the damn thing has been all spin from the start.

Chris Woods


Supposedly it was also a convergence term, where the unit is universal in what it is supposed to do (Media, TV, Music, Games) and so it has 360 degree coverage. Which is all buzz-bs like Blast Processing.

Microsoft could release an Xbox 2 (Like when Sega released the Genesis 3) which would just be a different configuration of the Xbox. Then they could easily call the Xbox360 the Xbox 3. Of course, that ain’t gonna happen because they are losing their shirts on the Xbox.