Xbox 360 Oblivion mods. Of course

It isn’t free.

Honestly, I expect just a little bit more for the price. A new dungeon, but not an alternative costume for a horse:

Do you have a horse in ‘Oblivion‘? (The answer is yes if you completed the first main quest) If so, you can now download a horse armor pack and get your ride looking sharp. This will cost you 200 points, and is only available in US, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

Yeah, asking $2.50 for some freakin’ horse armor is totally weak. That’s the kind of thing they should give away to spur goodwill and add value to the product. And I mean often - something like this every month or more.

I’m not opposed to paying for “premium” content, but horse armor just ain’t “premium.” For $2.50 I want two new dungeons with a quest associated with each. Especially when I’m already paying for Live.

No sale here.


Tell me, who didn’t see this one coming?

I dunno, I kinda took them at their word that their mods would be worth money. Guess not.

So this is worth 1/24 of the total cost of the game?

I doubt it.

Like that XBox 360 now, don’t cha?



hehe, its fun to read the comments from the 360 owners on nelsons blog though… "oh, I did’nt see this coming, i’m shocked… "

Oh whell; Still, if they’re shocked by this I bet they’ll pony up the dollar soon enough and pay 2,50$ for horse armor.

Just had to cut this out… its… gold.

J Says:
Monday, April 3rd, 2006 at 10:42 am Ignore

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t think 200 points is too much? That’s peanuts, seriously. I guess this is for people who are willing to drop a couple bucks in order to enhance the gameplay experience. I realize it doesn’t add THAT much, but I’ll totally pay for it.

Unfortunately, as companies start the leverage the Internet and subscription-based services such as XBL, free content that we enjoyed on the PC is disappearing. The assumption is that if you a) paid for a 360 and b) paid for an XBL gold subscription, you’re willing to pay for extra content.

Same goes for the Halo 2 maps. People whined and complained about those. For me, that’s a small price to pay for premium content. These companies don’t OWE you anything.

Calculating from that value, the number of plugins I already have would be nearly the
cost of upgrading my previous PC to what I play Oblivion on. Anyone found tricks to get
regular mods on their X360s yet? Is the harddrive in a format people have figured out?

The hard drive I know has been at least partially figured out, but the adapter requires a little work. has the available tools, I think you can grab the saves off or transfer new ones.

Here is one possible hard drive adapter, no idea if it’s the best

Meh, the 360 owners get what they paid for. They knew ahead of time that PC users would get all the free mods and they would be charged for whatever Bethseda chose to offer.

I would be more pissed off if Bethseda purposely did not release the tool kit because the free mods would overshadow and take away business from the pay ones.

All said, good luck trying to sell these on the PC.

funny you should mention that, they apparently are selling this for the pc version as well, albeit for 50 cents less

I’m just guessing that this is going to end up on a torrent site and set up for the PC. However I could be completely wrong and the 360 implementation may be much more than an .esp file.

Of course the downloads are crap, what else could they be but crap?

Just takes one person to buy it, clone it in the editor and put it out free. Yeah, that isn’t gonna fly. Maybe not that easy, but really… whatever.

I find it ludicrous for two big reasons (and an assortment of unspoken small ones)

  1. The points sytem was intended for micropayments. Sub-$1 that you wouldn’t want to charge out individually. Why is the most basic of stuff - a new profile picture, armor for a horse, $2.50 worth of points? This is anything but “micro”.

  2. As long as a certain percentage of gamers are fool enough to drink this MS koolaide, it’s going to fuck us all over in the long run. You see, PC games become MORE unattractive to make because you can’t milk every map and mod. Just as development of single-sale games is giving way to subscription MMO type games, we’ll further see transition from moddable to purchasable content.

In short… FUCK 'EM, and don’t drink their koolaide.

I’d say that this the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard of, but, I’ve heard some of Microsoft’s other ideas.

It’s Bethesda’s Kool-Aid in this case. The game publishers set the prices. MS is just the distribution channel.

I am a little suprised at how minimal the mod is. Almost right after morrowind was released, they threw out some piddling official mods but quickly followed up with a nice 20 minute quest set in the Firemoth Keep. Still, even then, $2.50 for 20 minutes of content in a game I must have spent hundreds of hours playing…

It’s a little much to even call it a mod. It’s just a model that’s made to sit on top of your horse. Hopefully it’s them testing the water, because this doesn’t bode well for the official mods either.

This is an appropriate time to quote the Blademaster dude under the Imperial City Arena:

“Yeah, I heard a rumor. I heard a rumor that you’re an idiot.”


Wasn’t it:
“I heard a rumor that you’re an idiot. Any truth to that?”

But anyways, it makes sense from a corporate point of view. That’s why the idiots shoulda bought PC version! Hahaha!

You’re only an idiot if you pay for the horse armor. I could really care less and the aggravation I’ve avoided by playing on 360 totally makes up for the mod stuff.