Xbox 360 on PC

My daughter is trying to play Loadout on her laptop but being of the console generation is not good with the mouse and keyboard.

We tried to get her 360 game pad to work on Win 8 but having problems. We loaded the proper Xbox 360 for PC and hooked up her controller but when I do a JOY.CPL command it does not see the game pad at all.

After some research it seems that all her 360 game pads are wireless. We attached the wire to the pad but it is not seen but would always begin to charge. It appears that a wireless game pad will only ever charge when connected by USB, and the only way to get it to work is to purchase the wireless plugin device or purchase a wired only game pad.

My daughter actually asked me to ask everyone on QT3 if we are correct ( I was really floored that she wanted to ask everyone on my forum of choice - it was kind of a cool moment - laugh).

Anyhow, will the wireless work alright or is she better at getting a wired controller?

Any help appreciated!

You are correct. The play and charge cable only charges the controller, it doesn’t connect it to the PC. To talk to the PC, you need the wireless receiver. Coincidentally, mine just died a couple of days ago. It worked for me for 5 years though, and I much prefer the wireless controller to the wired one personally. A lot of people don’t mind the wired controller though, so maybe she won’t either.

But I’d say get a wireless receiver. It’s cheaper than getting a wired controller and you can use your existing controllers with it.

Btw, your thread title had me all excited about news of an emulator which I could use to play all my 360 games on my PC.

Ah, I forgot to put controller in the title of the thread, so sorry!

I went ahead and purchased the receiver I was leaning that way already and you confirmed it.