Xbox 360 Power Supply is Huge!

Posted by a fellow named dose at GAF. Yes. I laughed out loud. :)

Apparently it’s 85% the size of the newer model PS2!

Just having some fun. Don’t crucify me. ;)


Probably has a three pronged power plug too. Makes sense though, when you consider how much power new PC videocards take. I mean, the thing is really the power consumption equivalent of a new PC, and laptop power supplies get that big, and PC power supplies are bigger. shrug.

On an almost entirely unrelated note, has anyone photoshoped the Shadow of the Colossus guy burning ants with his sword like a magnifying glass? That seemed like an obvious joke.

The xbox360 is a 250w device, compared to the xbox1 at 200w, gamecube 40w, and PS2 at 45w. Modern gaming computers start at around 400w. These are all max draw of course.

stusser and Charles… you guys were the life of the party at the single party you each attended in your entire lives, weren’t you?



That’s pretty massive. My Alienware laptop has a similar one though.

How does that stack up to the size of the power supply for an average-sized-and-specced Wharton podium?

Alienware makes laptops?

Ohhh… so that’s what the desktops with keyboards and monitors attached were.

Well, the Area-51m I have is a “Mobile desktop.”

They actually make really small, portable laptops called “Sentias.”

How does that stack up to the size of the power supply for an average-sized-and-specced Wharton podium?[/quote]

I actually have never seen one since they go down through the podium and into the ground. I’d guess that they are similar in size since the podium includes a full-fledged PC.

I discovered a neat trick about the podium. The monitor goes down so it looks like a typical little table on top of a podium. But you can raise the monitor so that it stands up. If you do that, the little drawer with the keyboard and mouse pops out automatically. It is fucking awesome.

See picture below.

they have an alternate for alienware laptops too…

what was it?

oh yeah, waste of money.

I enjoy mine quite thoroughly. Best laptop available when I got it.

This is a picture of the lectern in “podium” position:

I couldn’t find one with the monitor raised.

Ehhh… hard to laugh at a joke that’s 4 years old, ya know? I wasn’t crucifying, just giving a few little observations. Plus, you know, somewhere, someone was going to read this thread and then post some stupid “hurr blurrr ms is retard” crap.

I heard 100w (give or take) for the original Xbox.

Expect the same giant power supply from the PS3. It’ll be well over 200W as well, possibly closer to 300. And nobody wants to make the box itself big enough to house all the power supply circuitry (not to mention that it gets hot and makes cooling difficult).

Man, talk about having no concept of fun. :(


A photoshopped image of the Xbox 360 power supply… Your just a bag of laughs, Dave!

Certainly more fun than Charles tho, by the looks of it ;)