Xbox 360 soon to be best seller in Japan?

I’m not sure how this deal works… if it’s worldwide or just for Europe? If it’s worldwide, this is a major win for Microsoft as it will sell at least a few systems in Japan. A year of exclusivity for both these titles definitely helps.

I wouldn’t be so sure. Winning Eleven has always been the Soccer game of choice in Japan.

Pro evolution soccer and winning eleven are the same game.

Sorry, I guess I should’ve noted that for people who don’t realize that Pro Evo and Winning Eleven are one and the same just with different names in different territories.

Oh, really? Hmmm…yeah, I guess then something might happen.

The summer ‘re-launch’ was pretty lack-buster in Japan though…probably need a bigger game than this to boost it to at least the 500k mark.

I dunno, people really may still decide to just wait a year for the next version.
It certainly can’t hurt though, and there will definitely be people who put their ps3 purchases on hold until WE/PES are available.

This year’s version of Pro Evo is based on the Winning Eleven 10, which was released in April to coincide with the World Cup. Usually though, Winning Eleven is released in August, so I’m not sure that in Japan, this will affect anything, as the expected PS3 version would presumably go on sale at August of next year anyway.

Time will tell.


Hellooooo brief sales spike!

What I want to know is when the good Japanese-made 360 games will ship.

Er, let me rephrase that. What I want to know is when the good Japanese-made 360 games that Japanese people might want to play will ship. Dead Rising is a Japanese-made game (isn’t it?) but it seems more western than anything since GTA and I don’t see it being a big draw in Japan. (Am I wrong?) And Ninety-Nine Nights was a big dud.

What’s on the radar? Lost Planet? Blue Dragon? The next Disgaea? What else?

Enchanted Arms.

I would pay good money for a US port of Senko No Ronde

The 360’s getting a lot of hand me downs from the Japanese devs…hell, even the new 360 Super Robot Wars game (a guaranteed strong seller) will be a port of the GC game instead of a new game.

The next ‘big’ game that’s yet to release will probably be Tenchu and Culdcept Saga…although I doubt that they’ll be system sellers.

… was already released in Japan, and sold poorly.

I just wanted an excuse to link that video, really.

That video was disturbing.

On a side note, it’s amazing how stagnant japanese style RPGs have gotten (or at least the ones that get brought over here). Run around, get into fights, select attacks, etc…

Is this video a joke? Or is that the actual game?

You could break that down into any kind of RPG usually and it does no good. Watch me find a way to say all stories are stagnant: nothing new, it’s been individual or group struggles with problem for centuries. From Baldur’s Gate and Betrayal at Krondor to Earthbound and Secret of Mana to Might & Magic III and Divine Divinity to Romancing Saga and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. And it would all apply equally despite the screaming differences in each game.

No, not even the ones that get brought to the US are in any way stagnant. There hasn’t been a period yet where there hasn’t been a lot of variety in the genre, its too young and sees too much growth and expansion in every generation.


I’d call it rarified, like modern jazz music. The innovations are largely only perceptible to aficionados of the genre.

I’m not just talking about innovation, I’m talking about change or new ideas in general. Not all new ideas are functions of innovation, and not all changes are innovative ones. I also think it would be quite unlikely that someone wouldn’t feel an acute difference between say Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door and Dragon Quest VIII or Pokemon and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to use popular, mainstream RPGs many people play and know about.


As far as I can tell it’s all material from the actual game.