Xbox 360: The shortage is over!

Ha ha, just kidding. It isn’t. I was seriously considering picking one up this past week, but even if I wanted to, no retailer anywhere even vaguely close to me has them. Nor could any of them give me any indication of when they will get more; EB didn’t even ask to take my name, or ask for me to give them a deposit, which has to be a first. They just said “No, sorry, we don’t have them, and don’t know when we will.”

I guess it’s okay, because in the meantime, I talked myself out of buying one. Then I talked myself into buying a second HDTV instead, so that I can have one in my studio to watch while I’m working. So karmically, it all works out. Or something.

Heh, was gonna comment on how I wouldn’t buy a 400 dollar console, but…

Here I am using a 1800 dollar computer…for gaming mostly.

EB and Gamestop had them in stock and ready to ship last time I looked.

assuming of course, you want it bundled with shit you don’t want.

I saw them this weekend at both Wal-Mart and Target if you want one Ben.

I also listened to the guy at Wal-Mart tell a customer that it plays all original Xbox games. He was 100% serious about it.

As far as I’m concerned, Microsoft should’ve left that out. It’s creating way more confusion than good will through the small benefit of certain games sort of working.

Thanks, but now that I bought the new TV, the 360 will have to wait. Maybe I’ll get one if MS drops the price for the PS3 launch.

PS2 now $129.95. That and Guitar Hero and it’s less than half of a “real” 360. ;-)

I already own a PS2, though.

My advice could apply to people other than yourself.

But can your PS2 run OS-X, too?

It could, but I can’t speak for them.

If they drop the price…

I think Sony’s going to sell PS3 for at least $499.99 the more I think about it. They’re going to out-Premium the Premium pack from MS. No point going lower than that since they’re going to sell out anyway. Make it a luxury item for Christmas and at least break even on all that technology inside.

We’ll probably know in a couple weeks.

Right, that’s what I said. I agree that they may not. If Sony comes in a lot higher, then there’s definitely less incentive. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went with a $50 drop anyway, just because, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t, either.

Mostly I guess it depends on the games that come out. Right now, I’d like to play PGR3 and DoA4, and that’s about it. But there are a number of other potentially system-selling (for me) games coming out over the course of this year–Ninety-Nine Nights, Dead Rising, and Chrome Hounds are at the top of my list–so I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Dead Rising never gets much positive word of mouth from anyone that’s played it, but hopefully I’ll get to do that at E3 and let you know how it is. Same with Chrome Hounds which I’m going to try to find if it’s there. They’d be crazy not to have 99 Nights somewhere.

GRAW is definitely worth owning when you get one, though.

Walked into my local mall’s EB yesterday while my wife and daughter were in the Disney store and they had 1 premium 360 in stock. I was ready to pull the wallet trigger when the wife walked in and laid a huge guilt trip on me about how we just put our airline tickets for our vacation on the CC this month and that I should wait until next month before buying one, blah blah. The salesman, a ripened retail vet probably all of 19 years old, looked at me and chuckled. I called the store hours later from home and they still had it in stock.

Moral of the story? Be gay.

My Target was out of stock when I went there for an optical cable last night. I’m amazed that it’s selling that well, but this is a pretty well-off suburb.

And yes, they shouldn’t have even bothered with BC. They should have done a Nintendo and released a Halo 1 & 2 360 special edition with achievements built in and watched it have a 1:1 tie-in ratio.

Actually, the hope of someday having full BC is what will convince me to buy the system. I almost want to buy one for Oblivion alone, but the broken BC is an exact counterweight to that, so here I am sitting on the fence.

It’s never going to be 100%. I doubt it will ever be much more than it currently is.

I’m hoping as new titles come out they’ll be backwards compatible and let me do Multiplayer on them.

Say, that brings me to a side point–why when I play Halo in BC mode, doesn’t it show up on my XBL list?

Ive been seeing them around as well. Finally. I’m guessing I’ll break down and buy one over the summer.