Xbox 360 to get HD-DVD, eventually

Do you guys really think it’s likely they’ll just stick with DVD’s for the next five years? While I think the format change is much, much too early (I mean, PC games still aren’t standard on DVD’s, and I have PS2 games that still fit on CD’s), it’s hard to see MS letting Sony have that marketing advantage. While the company’s official position professes uncertainty, I’m really expecting an eventual adoption and will hold off 'til then.

I think they will make the change sometime during the lifespan of the console–probably not for games, but for movies. I just doubt that it’s going to be right away. Waiting for the HD-DVD version of the 360 is probably going to be akin to waiting for the Slim PS2–you’ll be waiting for years, not months.

They may put out a an HD movie version, but it’ll be a 2nd SKU . And I think MS is waiting for there to be a clear victor in the format war. Could be a Blu-Ray capable Xbox 360 in 2 years.

Since we’re on Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war, it can’t be said enough how incredibly fucking stupid it is. Imagine if there were two different types of DVD’s currently. Yes, let’s give consumers even more formats to worry about. The pitiful adoption rate of home DVD burners should be an obvious enough indication that too many formats = dumb.

Frankly, I wish Walmart, Best Buy and Circuit City would just get together and choose one, refusing to stock the other. Either format, it doesn’t really matter as long as they vote together. With those three there would be no war and we’d have a standard HD format.

Yeah. I don’t think they would (or could) do that, but it would certainly be effective.