Xbox 360 update shenanigans?

I’ve been trying to log into Live today and I just get stuck in a “You have to update” and “Update failed” loop. It forces me to get an update, but then when it fails and I go back to the dashboard, it asks me to update again a few seconds later. Whether I refuse the update or not, it won’t let me get on Live and won’t ever actually update. The network tests all come out fine until it gets to the “Xbox Live” part. At that point, it again goes to the “You must update” popout screen and the fun starts over.

Is this happening to anyone else?

It updated fine for me, sorry. Maybe try detaching your hard drive and then logging on?

Same thing happened to me. It’s a worldwide rollout, so just keep trying. You’ll eventually be successful.

Ah, good. Well, not good, but at least it’s not just my connection.

Hmm. Well, it’s apparently still down tonight for me. I just won’t update but keeps bugging me about updating. I can’t get on Live at all. I’ve tried updating about 50 times so far and it just won’t do it. :/

Have you called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX?

Ha ha, all of your 360s are broken and will have to be sent back to Microsoft, probably two or three times. Give CS my fond regards when you talk to them!


Weird. I had no issues when I updated the other day.

Say hi to those guys in CS for me too. Be sure to use everyone’s favorite line, “You guys engineer these things to break after 90 days, don’t you? That’s why you only offer the 90 day warranty.”

I swear to god this woman I work with said that to them on the phone… without knowing it’s the exact thing I said the first time I called.

Well, all I can manage to find is that people are having issues with the latest update, but nothing more specific than that. I was offline for several days when the update supposedly first came out.

In other news, HD-DVDs on the add-on drive look friggin’ awesome.

What I suggest, as I had that for a while, is wait a few seconds, instead of the natural “push the A button as fast as F*cking possible” mindset that I’ve noticed from people.

When the first major update rolled out, I did that, and it disconnected from the internet everytime I tried it. Then I did it patiently, and it worked.

Try it. Can’t hurt.

Gee, Dave. Can’t imagine why you’ve had so much trouble with them.

Dude, I was as cordial as could be for like half an hour/forty five minutes before that line finally came out. You have no idea what I went through and what others are going through.