Xbox 360 USB ports?

So here I am, the last guy on earth to buy GH2 finally for my 360. I tear open the box, all excited to have some great games, maybe to even splurge and download a song pack or two. Then I notice I have one USB port on the 360, and the wireless add-on is already in it. What the hell? One USB port?!?

So I’m assuming I can add a USB hub and be okay? Has anyone done this? Are any of them okay to use on the 360 or is there any problem with drivers?

There’s two more on the front of your 360, behind the little oval push-door (on the bottom or the right, depending on whether it’s upright or not).


Oh, man.

Just waiting for the OP to come back…

Somewhat in the original poster’s defense, while I was able to locate the USB ports on the front of 360 easily, it took me a frighteningly long amount of time to figure out where the Wii’s Gamecube controller ports were.

Hrm … well color me a fool. Wont be the first time I’ve not read the owners manual. But hey, in my defense, they are behind a panel. ;)

Okay so I’m on shakey ground here…

Many thanks for the answers guys.

You should go into a screeching rant against MS and their obvious stupid placement of the USB-port. Perhaps you should even make some grandiose claim that the Gizmondo wil win this console generation, because it doesn’t treat the customers like idots and hide stuff…

Never accept defeat or admit to a mistake. Not on this board.

I could do that yeah, then someone I know here would point out I’m an idiot quite often. It’s okay though, some of us are gifted with knowlege in some things (what I do for work) but can’t figure out where USB ports are on an Xbox. In hindsight, I should have asked my 11 year old nephew where the USB ports were. Not only could he probably have done it, he would have told me every device that works on them and which device you need for which game, etc. It’s sad but I am finally passing the tech geek torch to the younger generation.

The better question is why aren’t there 4 usb ports for people who have 4 wired xbox 360 controllers? Or is it a conspiracy for people to buy wireless? HMM!

I am sure you can throw a hub on there if you are luddite enough to want wireless controllers.

Just so you know, a forumpic had a screen shot of this forum, with the same horribly drawn circle & text pointing to the “search” box.

I just read your initial post and couldn’t resist, the parallels were obvious. :)

I found this odd… but not as odd as the fact that the PS3 supports 8 players but only 7 wireless controllers.