Xbox 360 VGA: How is it?

I just got a HDTV (Samsung LN-S4095D) and am thinking about getting the VGA cable for Xbox 360. I’d like to get it to free up a component port and to upconvert DVDs. I know it’s had problems before but I thought Microsoft fixed it with an update in the Fall. On AVSForum I see some people saying it looks fantastic, some people saying it looks “grayish”, some people saying it looks “washed out”, some people saying it looks too saturated, etc. - basically like, I am confused. Because they’re not complaining about the same thing.

Does anyone have it and can give me any info on its performance now? Thanks. Sorry if there is a thread already, but the search function omits “VGA” so it’s kinda hard to track down.

It looks excellent with the first party cable for me. I had a 3rd party cable before that washed out the picture and added odd stationary diagonal lines that you could only see up close. It’s probably because the official cable is better shielded and uses higher quality components.

Looks great to me, though it seems to depend on what resolution you run it at. If I set my 360 to 1280x720 the output is muted and low-contrast, no matter how much I fiddle with the monitor controls. It looks great if I set it to 1280x768 though, even if that introduces two scaling steps.

(On a Dell 2005FPW, that is.)

Acer 2216Wsd, great picture with VGA.

No problems here. Nice, vibrant colours and no weird artifacts.

I like it. Works great on my Dell 2005 LCD.

Ditto. I’ve also got a semi-recent Dell LCD monitor and the VGA cable is probably the best 360 purchase I’ve made.

I was using the VGA cable with my LG 19" monitor* for a while and it was great, then I plugged it into my Toshiba 37" HDTV, and I thought it was pretty good, even though the picture was slightly out of alignment (basically, the screen was like 5 pixels smaller than what the xbox puts out or something weird like that). The alignment thing got to me eventually, and I switched back to the component inputs.

With the VGA adapter, the picture was sharper and text was much easier to read for my bad eyes. But blacks came out kinda dark grey and everything looked washed out. Also the aforementioned difference in screen size vs. picture size.

With component, the colours are fan-fucking-tastic but the picture doesn’t really seem to be as sharp (maybe my poor eyes playing tricks on me?).

*edit: this was a stop-gap for me to be able to play dead rising without buying an HDTV at the time. Obviously I now have one so I don’t need that setup anymore.

My experience has been similar to SqueakyFoo’s with my Xbox and Westinghouse 42" LCD. I ran the 360 in component for a while and then switched to VGA due to running low on component connections and not having anything using the VGA input. The image was sharper, but the colors did seem more “washed out”, they didn’t quite pop with the same brilliance as they seem to over component. I ended up switching back to component, but later switched to VGA again and after a while began to prefer the VGA image for sharpness. Also I realized I only really notice the component signal’s brighter colors on the dashboard, not so much in actual games.

Basically what it comes down to is YMMV greatly depending upon which tv you use, and just basic subjectivity.

I actually have a samsung set. On games it looks fantastic. On movies it does some really wierd things. It will letterbox it on the screen to a point where you have black on all 4 sides. Not on every movie, but it is really annoying.

I originally ran component cables to my Vizio 32" from the Xbox - third party component cables, actually. Colors were vibrant to the point of being garish and I was getting ghosting on the text - wasn’t too noticable in-game, but the dashboard looked like shit.

So I switched to VGA. No ghosting, colors are slightly muted but I happen to prefer that. The only real issue I have is that if I set it to the highest resolution my TV can take (1360x768) I get two small black bars on either side of the picture. DVD playback is slightly better through the VGA than it is through my Philips DVD player via component.

I much prefer VGA, but YMMV. Some people dig the saturated colors on component.

People say that only the VGA cable upconverts. If that’s true, you are getting a
480p picture from viewing DVDs with component, and the TV does whatever
funky magic it likes to do with less-than-optimal input resolutions.

That would seem to be the case.

Things to consider with the VGA cable:

  • Many TVs that have VGA inputs consider them “PC inputs” and will only display them a certain way (PC color space instead of NTSC color space). This is why some people report that it looks “washed out” in VGA.

  • Some people say it looks “washed out” over VGA when it’s actually more correct, and their standard inputs are still set to the out-of box defaults. TVs often have out-of-box defaults that blow up contrast and oversaturate all the colors so it looks good on store shelves and “pops” next to all those other TVs. The VGA input is often not calibrated that way.

  • Many TVs, like mine, have a function in the options menu to change the input between “TV” and “Computer” (or something like that), and this option only shows up when you’re using the VGA input. If you go with the VGA cable, fiddle with all your TV’s options and color controls and such while the 360 is on and the TV is displaying the VGA input. You may notice options you didn’t see before.

I’m using the VGA cable with a Samsung HLP. Definitely sharper than the component cable on this set.

It really does appear to vary between sets. DVDs and HD-DVDs look fantastic (720p set), games seem pretty much the same as component, and dashboard’s noticeably sharper.

Eh, this is definitely not the source of this problem. I use a 40 inches 1080p Bravia, and even with the video mode selected there are still all the symptoms enumerated in this thread. Something’s wacky with VGA out on 360. When trying it on a smaller 720p LCD it wasn’t as bad but there’s still something off.

I use the Monster 360 VGA cable bought on a sale, and I guess it does look a bit better than the official stuff though it’s hard to tell in some parts if this is just the placebo effect at work. VGA does look sharper and it’s more pleasing for most games, though in my case Oblivion was extremely washed out and hard to look at… good thing I ended up getting it on PS3…

Anyhow Microsoft is set to release a Spring update to the 360 dashboard that will improve the VGA signal and give users more flexibility.

Maybe they’ll finally support 16:10 resolutions.

Damn after reading this thread I am gonna go get the VGA cable for my samsung. Good stuff.

I was looking at the Offical VGA cable and does it support optical out like the Component cable?

wait, if i use the vga cable instead of the component, i’m stuck in 4:3 on my widescreen?

Yes, it does.