Xbox 360 Wireless Controller flashing constantly

I’ve tried looking on and looking hte manual, but does anyone know what it means when the ring of light on the wireless controller constantly flashes?

The controller works, but it used to just stay solid green in the upper left quadrant, indicating that it was controller 1. Now, it’s flashing all four quandrants all the time. Still works, b ut I can’t help but get a feeling it’s trying to tell me something important.


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I had this happen when I had the recharger plugged into the controller while I was playing it. I found this problem goes away if you just don’t connect the recharger while you play it or just use batteries…

May or may not be related to that.

All four quadrants all the time? That’s a new one on me. But if it’s alternately flashing two quadrants, then the other two, that means the batteries are low.

I can’t really guess. If you’d like to pack up your Xbox 360 and send it to me, I’d be more than happy to try it out and see what I think.

When 2 quadrants alternate blinking, your batteries are low. When all 4 blink, your batteries are very low. You can bring up the guide and look for a battery symbol in the upper left that will give you the current state.

If you don’t have the recharger, I highly recommend. They say on the box you’ll get 25 hours per charge, and so far I believe them. Much more economical in the long run than constantly going through 2 AAs (unless you use rechargables, I suppose.)

Mine did that briefly yesterday. Both 360 and controller were off, so I pressed the button to turn it on via controller. The controller just started flashing, and the 360 didn’t turn on. I got up and turned the 360 on normally, then the controller went back to normal. No idea why. Only happened once.

Batteries were low. It was 2 opposing quadrants flashing, then the next 2 flashed. New batteries and it was fine.

Note that it will start flashing like that when your batteries aren’t that low. I’m sure they’re trying to give you plenty of warning so you don’t run out of juice at a very bad moment in a game, but I’ve had it start flashing like that with at least a couple hours of charge left.

I’m guessing it starts that business at 25% charge or so.