Xbox (and PS2/GC) HD gaming on flat panel TVs (LCD)

I was looking into getting a LCD HDTV flat panel (between 20-29") to use primarily for Xbox HD gaming (and other consoles, as well as future consoles). Does anyone do this? I’m curious to know how it performs if there are any ghosting, blurring issues.

Any comments appreciated!

Most LCD TVs have a whole hell of a lot of blurring, to the point that they become totally unusable as game monitors. However, I have a 40" Panasonic LCD TV that is one of the greatest-looking TVs for gaming I’ve ever seen. It’s sharp, clear, and has no blurring at all that I’ve noticed or that impacts gameplay. I’ve had it for two years and have no complaints whatsoever.

Obviously this is a bit larger than what you said you’re after, but it’s one of the few LCD screens I haven’t heard negatives on. Unfortunately, the smaller LCDs seem to have more problems when it comes to HD game display.

Many thanks!