Xbox for Office Place Help!

Hi all, I could use some help. I’m a ps3 guy so I’m a little lost.

I’m going to buy an xbox Kinnect + big screen for the office I work in. I’d like to get 5-7 games to go along with it and to make sure it is used like crazy. We have a lot of mid 20s men and women here. They are sales people, so very competitive.

Please hive mind help me, you’re my only hope.

Dance Central, Kinect Sports, the driving game, and Kinect Adventures (that comes with the Kinect), are all excellent picks. Can’t go wrong with those.

Like Rasputin, I can’t recommend 5-7 games. Right now, there are only three titles that are of any quality. Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Adventures are it. Kinect Joyride (the racing game) is okay, but I don’t know if it’s something that would appeal to grown-ups much.

Oh, I’d include non-Kinnect games.

So like should I get CoD, Madden, etc.

Man, I just could not parse that subject line. So they’re making office for Xbox now? Huh. And ‘place help’ just made me think of Leeloo multipass. But sorry, I don’t own the kinect, though the dancing game does look kind of fun.

How do I get hired in where you work? :P

If it’s non-Kinect games, drop Joyride and get 'em Halo 3 or similar on the cheap (no leveling up mechanic like CoD games have), You Don’t Know Jack, download Deadliest Warrior from Live (it’s a solid, simple fighter, no HUGE SUPAR COMBOS and the like to look up, plus ninjas and pirates) and maybe a Lego game to season to taste for fun, unless someone can recommend an NBA Jam type casual sports game.

My choices are based on being easy to get into and just start playing, rather than having to learn a bunch of moves or level up or whatnot. If that’s something your employees would be into, get 'em CoD and Madden and whatever else.

I’d get Reach instead of Halo 3 so people can play split-screen Firefight.

Sure, I just haven’t played one since 3, so I can’t comment on how they actually are nowadays. 3 is cheaply found and still very fun for the casual gamer.

Rockband is always a good choice for social gaming, gets people involved who wouldn’t normally touch a video game.

Castle Crashers is another great co-op game, download only.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will move forward and let you know how it goes.

If you want to work here, feel free to look up job opportunities at Linkedin. They should have some sort of jobs posting out there. :D

This is how you guys are spending that fat IPO cash, eh?

Dropping 1k on employee morale is pretty decent pay off. Joining a touch football league would cost us $1250 and only involve 15 people in the office. This is the gift that keeps giving.

We don’t have on-site massage like Google or anything extravagant like that :P

And yes, I’m the type of HR guy you want :)

I just asked my boss for an Xbox. He said no. The jerk.

(We’re getting a 50" HDTV for our new conference room, under the auspice of “we might use it for… video conferencing. Yeah, that’s the ticket…”)