Xbox Game Pass & MS game store app - PC thread for PCs ONLY (...Ok FINE, Consoles too. Sheesh.)

Yes, part of the beta. I don’t have a controller that talks to my phone so haven’t been able to use it much. There’s a number of games that they added touch controls to but I probably won’t do much on my phone until a new Bluetooth controller gets here tomorrow.

Cool, thanks. I use a PS4 controller with my iPad. Would be nice to have this option

You should try out Minecraft Dungeons. It works pretty well since they did a lot of work on the UI and such.

Pretty much every controller works on iOS these days. Xbox, Playstation, etc. Only old non-bluetooth Xbox controllers don’t.

I tried Minecraft Dungeons and it was pretty impressive. They actually turned it into a proper mobile game.

Hey, so a buddy pointed this out to me, and I figured folks here might find it useful:

So I guess that place gets bundles of 7 day subs to GPU, and sells them.

Apparently it’s a little annoying in that you need to then cut and paste each code into MS’s site, but the net result is that you can buy GPU time super cheap.

So, if folks are looking for a good deal on GPU time beyond the initial conversion from XBLG, that’s a way to do it.

That comes to $4.33 a month. Not bad.

That’s almost as good as the $4.19 I paid with the conversion. Since you’ll need to pay $14.99 to extend it, assuming $150 for 3 years of XBLG, any extension after the first time you do it would cost $4.58/month, so it’s the way to go. It does seem pretty annoying to do 7 days at a time though.

Apparently you can use various codes to knock the price down even more.

I barely use GPU, and it’s still worthwhile even if I only play a single AAA day one release per year.

I got a message from Xbox Live, inviting me to try cloud gaming on Windows 10 (or Mac).

So, what’s a good test game for streaming to a PC?

Forza for me. Instantly know if it works good or not.

Oh god yes! If I download that, it’s a huge footprint, so it’s also a good test game for that reason.

FWIW: eneba is very much grey market.


I’ve heard of a few people having problems with that site.

Those codes might actually have region restrictions.
IIRC they came from snack promotions and so on.

I was able to get my half price PSN Plus code from there a few months ago without hassle.

For $14 bucks, I just gave it a flyer. So far, I’ve only pasted in the 1st 4 of 13 weekly codes, but all good! $4 and change/month for ultimate is a pretty good price.

I’m weak, grey or not I went for it and all 13 weeks applied just fine.

Grey market is perfectly fine morally, IMO. That’s using keys meant for a different locale and priced accordingly lower. Stolen keys, or those acquired through fraud, not so much. The problem is many sites sell both, and you have no way to tell.