Xbox Game Pass & MS game store app - PC thread for PCs ONLY (...Ok FINE, Consoles too. Sheesh.)

My feeling was making it excessively long satisfied the qt3 subject requirements!

Destiny 2 is now on Gamepass PC

True, but it also has to confuse the search engine. :)

Like when I try to find that one Batman Mordor thread.

Riftbreaker drops tomorrow, so excited!!!

I have no idea what genre of game Ring of Pain is - you get equipment but combat is completely nonrandom, the structure of each “dungeon” is a ring where you can only go left or right along it, it’s weird - but I like it and you should at least download and try it. It is completely incomprehensible at first but if you give it an hour or so (or cheat and look at a wiki page or something) it starts to make sense.

Yup. Good game. Own it on Steam. Happy to see it receive additional exposure on Game Pass. Definitely worth a “free” install.

Nice. I still mean to install it again on my PC as the (apparently) ray-tracing killer app.

Yeah, my daughter really wanted to play Minecraft on our PC and I was surprised to find earlier this year that it was not already part of Game Pass. Well, better late than never I suppose.

Any of you PC Game Pass users that held off on buying Outriders, your patience has paid off -

Nice! Did they ever fix the weird camera wobble?

That’s good news! And tomorrow?? I enjoyed the demo enough to give it a try on GP.

I just need to beat Sekiro first. That game is like a giant, headless monkey on my back.

Leaving soon:

  • Carto
  • Celeste
  • Comanche (pc only)
  • Eastshade
  • Fifa 19
  • Five Nights at Freddy series
  • Knights and Bikes
  • Unruly Heroes

New user friends who signed up for GamePass PC for the first time, and who had never ever used the Windows 10 Store, complained about the initial setup and download system being the worst.

Just wait until an install goes corrupt or an uninstall doesn’t actually free up space

Oh man. I don’t think I’ll make any more progress in Celeste, game is too hard.

Carto, I feel like the puzzle I was stuck on shouldn’t be that hard. But with time running out, maybe I should go back and look up the solution and move forward.

Installed Comanche, but never checked it out.

Installed Eastshade but never checked it out.

I didn’t know Knights & Bikes was on Game Pass. I should check that out.

Ohh Birthday present!

Hmm, in the Xbox app, has anyone actually tried accessing the XCloud Gaming console games, but on PC? Because when I do it from the Edge browser (which nags me every time to switch from Firefox, BTW) it works, but in the Xbox app I just get a black screen that never resolves to anything, even 5 minutes later.

I used it yesterday for a half hour or so, and it was a bit flaky until I terminated the Xbox app and restarted it.

I tried that too, no dice, same result. Tried a different game as well. Guess I’ll see if my Windows 10 is totally up to date. I’d think so because it just installed an update a couple of nights ago (a Saturday night, go figure).

My experience in the Xbox app has been like night and day better. In the Edge browser, I would get like half-a-dozen little micro-skips a minute, where the audio and video would just pause for a millisecond. It really bummed me out, and put me off playing on Xcloud.

In the app, it works perfectly. I’m still usually getting (what looks to my untrained eye as) 720p, but getting rid of those skips has really improved the experience.