Xbox Game Pass & MS game store app - PC thread for PCs ONLY (...Ok FINE, Consoles too. Sheesh.)

OK, thanks for the tip. I’ll try that and see if it works, and post back here with the results.

Into the Pit is cool. It’s a fast, slidey retro FPS like Ultrakill mixed with randomized and configurable dungeons a bit like the chalice dungeons in Bloodborne but separated into discrete kill rooms that each give a specific resource that you can use to make more things to configure the dungeons. At the beginning of a run you choose your left and right click weapons (spells) and as far as I can tell from then on in the run you choose upgrades for them as you go, picking from a little menu Hades-like that pops up after each room cleared.

I think @krayzkrok definitely needs to give this one a go.

OK, looked for an update to the app on the Windows store, no update available for the app. Someone suggested trying to run the app as administrator but it doesn’t seem to be an option from the start menu.

Maybe the app somehow requires the latest nvidia drivers? The ones I’ve got are pretty recent but there were some that came out last week.

OK, updated the video drivers, no joy. I’d go to official support but MS is usually worse than useless for that. Their drones never actually read what you write anyway.

I even “reset” the app in the start menu but that didn’t do jack. Maybe uninstalling/reinstalling? Who knows.

I got an email this morning that it was now available on Steam, so I must have wishlisted it at some point recently. It definitely looks like my thing! Thanks for the reminder, it’s now in my cart, and I just have to decide if buying three new games today is too much. Too much?

In my defence I’ve nearly finished three weeks of challenging, exhausting and stressful work where I’m only just getting my sleep schedule back to normal. I think I deserve it. Yes, convinced myself, I have.

Just in case you were looking for a way to play on your computer and not specifically off the app - you can access via your browser at:

Still controller-only, which is probably the only reason I’ve used Stadia a bunch and this barely at all.

They DO exist!

Thanks. Yeah, I actually played a lot of Yakuza Like a Dragon a while back through the Edge browser, but by all accounts the experience playing through the app is better. When it works at all, anyway. :-/

I wonder what happened to the forum Stadia thread, I haven’t seen it in months.

I just installed Outriders, still have about 40 hours in FarCry 6 to go, and now Forgotten City is coming.

Gamepass is annoyingly good

And annoyingly bad (the app and ms store infrastructure)

In further “this was on my Steam wishlist” news, Moonglow Bay just landed on Gamepass.

BTW don’t bother trying the XCloud gaming functionality if you have an accent or umlaut or probably any diacritical in your Windows username, because the brain surgeons at Microsoft think everyone should be named Bob and live in West Bumfuck, Kentucky, apparently. I set up a second account with no offending characters on my machine as a test and sure enough, everything works like a charm.

Let’s hope they fix this at some point. I can’t do streaming from my Xbox Series X either until it’s fixed, because I’m not going to switch users every damn time.

@lordkosc they heard you

Wow. On the bright side: congrats on finally finding out what was causing the problem! :)

Xbox Gamepass for PC is back on sale for $1 yet again, works on lapsed accounts too:

I downloaded a game from gamepass that had been added recently called “the forgotten city”.

It’s a pretty cool little game. Not super fancy, it’s mainly walking around and talking to people, and kind of solving puzzles… I’d recommend it though. It’s neat.

There’s a thread for it. It’s a new standalone version of a much-loved Skyrim total conversion mod. I’ve never played but am pretty keen to check it out!

It’s one of the best games of the year, is what it is!

It takes Two GOTY incoming.

That might be fun. And FH5, I guess- I always play those for a while but lose interest relatively quickly. Bit of an off month for me, I think. But last month was pretty great, so it all evens out.

Sweet. Is It Takes Two fun if you don’t have someone to play it coop with?

If not, maybe I can play it online with my 11 year old niece. She played Overcooked with me online, it was a lot of fun.

Unpacked sounds like it’s right up my alley too.

Here’s the ones leaving on November 15:

  • Final Fantasy VIII HD (Console and PC)
  • Planet Coaster (Cloud and Console)
  • Star Renegades (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Streets of Rogue (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • The Gardens Between (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • River City Girls (Cloud, Console, and PC)

Anything here I should be trying before it goes? I played through The Gardens Between and I would recommend that to people. There’s a couple of spots in which I got 100% stuck and just couldn’t figure it out, so if you’re like me, have a walkthrough handy on your phone while you play it, otherwise it will take months to finish.