Xbox Game Pass & MS game store app - PC thread for PCs ONLY (...Ok FINE, Consoles too. Sheesh.)

Given your handle on this forum, I’m going to ask: does your Windows user account name have an “exotic” character like an “ó” in it? Mine has an “é” in it, and as a result, I can’t do the streaming to the PC from my XbSX, Cloud gaming or anything like that till they finally fix it (if they ever do).

Yes, hard to believe in this day and age that they didn’t think that people might have diacriticals in their user account names.

Also check that your router doesn’t have AP isolation on segregating your wired from wireless devices.

You have to enable the remote options on your console first before the xbox app can connect to it. Make sure you go into console settings and test your network for compatibility.

Thanks - I hadn’t done this so I assume that is the issue.

Thanks @rei , @Papageno and @Ginger_Yellow as well for answering - And sorry for not responding until now.

oh - and my username is based on a silly computergame on the Amiga called Dragons Breath that had an ingredient called “razgon” - for some reason, it just stuck with me, even though I am not Russian, but Danish. So, no special signs in my username :-)

I’ll give this a try later today!

Xbox Live Gold 12 months on sale for ~$50 at Newegg ( $59.99 + $10.50 off w/ promo code SSAY2523) for the next 14 hours only .

Walmart now actually does have Xbox GamePass Ultimate on sale:

Edit: actually you can save $2 at Amazon (I only checked since Walmart limited me to purchasing two).

Amazon limits to 1, I ordered 2 from target so not sure if they are limiting them or not.

My game pass ultimate ran out last month after 2 years of the original deal. Thanks to all the @stusser reminders on how it works I just did the same thing again. Though instead of 2 years of Gold I bought 3 from New Egg.

This time as expected I had to pay $15 to convert all three years to ultimate instead of $1 but I am now good for the next 3.

Amazon limit seems to mean only purchase one at a time. I purchased a second one a few hours later and it seemed to go through okay.

Amazon has them for $20 / 3 month. You can get 9 months for $60.

Okay, so one more clarification for this Game Pass newb: The first time you update your XBL Gold subscription to Ultimate, it costs $1, but subsequent times it costs $15? Any other wrinkles I’m missing?

(I’m working on a post we can sticky!)

I don’t know if I’d call it a wrinkle, per se, but if you don’t first let your Ultimate expire, and you try to enter xbox live gold redemption code, it will get converted into Ultimate at the following rates:

So it’s way better to let it expire, and THEN get Gold, and THEN convert it at 1:1 rate instead.

I read a bunch of warnings saying while you are entering codes don’t accept any offers to convert it then or add a cc. Wait until finished entering all your codes.

I didn’t get any such offers though. I just plugged in the codes and then signed up for a month of game pass ultimate which charged 14.99 to my credit card, and now all 3 years of xbl gold where again converted to 3 years of game pass ultimate.

I highly recommend folks check out mortal Shell if you like souls games. It plays very well.

I’m vaguely tempted, but Elden Ring is in a couple of months. Do I want to burn out on Souls-likes before then? Hmmm.

It’s only like a 15 hour game (I hear, having not beaten it).

Really? That’s actually not so bad. I’m used to spending dozens of hours in these things (failing over and over, of course).

It’s an indie game (and it shows, just a little), so they didn’t have the resources to make it sprawling.

I tried Mortal Shell a couple of times, and it never really worked for me. Didn’t gel with the whole ‘hardening’ gameplay thing, and those extremely well-hidden bear traps that blend in with the environment everywhere made me furious! :D

Oh god, the bear traps. Yeah, those sucked, but you could bait enemies into them, too.