Xbox Game Pass & MS game store app - PC thread for PCs ONLY (...Ok FINE, Consoles too. Sheesh.)

Is that not how pretty much every survival crafter works?

Not at all. Typically some kid ganks you a dozen times and then you ragequit.

Again, you can certainly play solo. You can host your own server or one that is friends-locked, just like games like ARK. This can be done on console, even when playing on the same box- there may be a setting to turn a console into a dedicated server (for example, your old Xbox One) but I’m not sure about that. In the server settings you can increase/decrease everything about the experience, from harvesting rates to damage to xp gain, etc., so it is very solo/co-op friendly.

Microsoft we need to talk about what goes in the “coming soon” bar, if it’s two months or more away it’s not exactly soon.

A couple more games coming to GP in the next few days, Wild at Heart becomes playable via cloud, For Honor comes to cloud and console, Darkest Dungeon comes to everything, and Backbone comes to PC.

LOL @ Backbone.

Backbone (PC) [email protected] – June 8
Raccoon detective Howard Lotor is not a hero. He can barely make rent. And yet he has stumbled across something so massive that it will shake the very fabric of society. Stunning visuals, an evocative soundtrack, and a daring narrative bring a dystopian Vancouver, BC inhabited by animals to life in this highly anticipated, post-noir adventure. Get to it, detective.

Some games will be leaving soon, as well. If you haven’t tried Observation yet, I do highly recommend it. I’m not sure I totally understood it but it’s worth a play.

I’m not a fan of For Honour, but it’s good to see some Ubisoft on Game Pass again. Might mean I can hold off on some purchases going forward.

Did they ever fix up For Honor’s issues?
I played it way back in the beta, but at the time it had such huge balance and netcode issues that I never played it after release.

I’m super hyped for Backbone to finally come out. I really enjoyed the prologue they released a couple of years ago.

Apparently, you can get access to Super Animal Royale via a backdoor on gamepass right now.

It’s not listed as an available game yet, but in the perks section there’s a perk for getting the founders’ pack.

If you get that, you can then get the full game install.

I cannot personally vouch for this, as my buddy just told me about it and you can’t do it via the phone app.

I assume it’s some sort of battle royale game?

I think folks had posted about it before… looks like a top down twin stick shooter battle royale?

I think I figured out what the deal is. This is available for free, and gamepass just has a perk that gives you the founders’ pack.

This Animal Royal game is awesome and hilarious.

Free month of Disney+ perk. Not new subs only.

Wait awhile to redeem it if you’ll want to watch through the new Loki Owen Wilson show starting tomorrow.

Are there any non-premium movie releases coming to Disney+ soon? I think Raya and the Last Dragon has just gone “free”, hasn’t it? Also, you say it’s not limited to new subs, but what if you’ve previously redeemed a Game Pass free month perk?

Backbone dropped on Game Pass for PC yesterday and I can’t really say it was on my radar, but this review on RPS makes the game sound more interesting than I initially thought.

Cross posting here, because the upcoming sale also includes another opportunity to sign up with GPU for 3 months at $1:

MS announcing a lot of new stuff. Building xCloud into TVs. Building a new xCloud Streaming Device (an xCloudBox?). Etc, etc.

I guess I can see why. FireTVs aren’t available worldwide and little Android streamer box quality widely varies.