Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Been wanting to play Outer Wilds so that’s good. But I see it’s only on cloud, and I have paid zero attention to that. Can I at least use the cloud client with Gamepass ultimate on a Windows PC?

Both this and Desperado 3 were in my shopping cart for the past holiday sale before I stopped myself, so yay me.

Yes that’s true. And I did use a coupon so was a bargain really.

It’s currently on XGP, it’s only a new addition to the cloud service.

I don’t have an xbox (or I guess I do, but zero interest in setting it up again), so I need a solution that doesn’t require it.

Outer Wilds is amazing! Worth a real purchase. ;)

I think cloud gaming is only on Android devices right now. I just looked it up and they say it’ll hit PC/IOS in spring '21.

Thanks, that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure. I have zero android devices, just iOS.

Ya, although they apparently look nice using the XSX’s auto-magic HDR feature.

Be advised that it does also work on Chromebooks, as they are able to run the android gamepass app.

Technically, seems like you could probably run an android emulator to do the same thing on windows if you wanted.

No Chromebooks either, though I guess I do have that old Asus chromebox I no longer use since upgrading to a Shield. Guess I could reflash that back to ChromeOS but man, that’s a bit of work. Will just wait I think, but thanks all for the ideas.

BlueStacks (which I use to play my android games on PC) says it supports it (you need to use the GamePass app and not the xcloud one). I got some nasty screen artifacts when I tried it with Neoverse which I considered a pretty low-tech game, but haven’t tried anything else yet (and Neoverse came to the PC so I stopped trying it there) so it could be game-by-game. I half-started Code Vein and then realised I didn’t feel like spending half an hour doing face editing that day so quit before it loaded.

Wow, that’s an impressive emulator at least going by it’s website. If they have the same level of polish on the emulator it may not be as difficult to get going as I thought. Out of curiosity what’s the business model? Look’s like they have integration with an Android store, so a cut of every purchase? Huh.

And I didn’t realize Code Vein was out on it as well, that’s another game that isn’t on PC. Maybe after Rimworld get’s its claws off me I will give it a crack.

So Outer Wilds AND Outer Worlds are both on game pass now?
Crap… guess I need to finally learn which one is the Obsidian game and which one is the space survival thing?

One is the Obsidian game, the other is Groundhog Day in Space.

The theory is that EA expected to ship the new version of their PC desktop client before the original December date. The thinking is the new store has new APIs on the backend, which is where the link between the Microsoft Store and EA’s systems is implemented. Since the replacement desktop client was delayed the backend servers weren’t scaled up to handle the expected load. They delayed until the new client is shipped, which is delayed due to bugs. Hence the “sometime in 2021”.

No idea if it’s correct, but it sounds plausible.

I don’t remember Bill Murray dying every day in Groundhog Day.

The free version has ads and will pretty aggressively suggest apps to try. I actually initially primarily used it to mostly play Sentinels of the Multiverse - this stutters a bit on my laptop (integrated graphics) but is alright on my desktop with a 1060. Its biggest weakness is video playback - that stutters on my desktop - so xcloud is probably unfortunately it’s worst case use case ( I suspect the video artifacts are side effects of optimisations for performance).

It doesn’t have survival thing. It has puzzle thing.

If you’re really hurting for EA games on PC until Game Pass adds them…

Code Vein is on sale for $24 on Steam… what are the chances it might appear on Game Pass? Anyone care to hazard a guess?

If you buy it, high, if you don’t, low.