Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I’d like them to remove all the crud. Recent/Popular/All seems just fine. I have what I guess is Featured at the top, then a big Surprise Me section then what I guess is a featured genre - RPG. That’s twice as many sections as I need and I have to scroll down to see them. Grump grump grump :)

It took me at least a minute to figure out how to expand the list of installed games. There’s an arrow at the bottom of the left panel. Then the UI finally became useful!

Keep in mind that the new Game Pass app on PC is still labeled as being in beta. You should absolutely use the built in feedback mechanisms to suggest new features or report bugs.

Looks like PREY was added today.

Helpful hint:

If you are using the Game Pass app to install then delete a bunch of games you will want to go into Windows Settings to the ‘Update & Security’ section and find ‘Delivery Optimization’ in the left column and turn off ‘Allow downloads from other PCs’ (unless you use that feature a lot in your home network).

If left on, Windows may store copies of the games in the C:>Program Files>Windows Apps>Deleted folder if other peer PCs on your home network want to download the game (typically used for Windows update files) the install files would be accessed on your main PC and shared through your home network instead of downloading from online to save bandwidth. There is a chance that Windows will store copies of the games even if you delete them (you won’t fully regain your drive space). Turning off Delivery Optimization should prevent that in the future.

While not as user friendly as Steam I do believe you can switch between install locations for each game. In the Xbox Game Pass app click on your User profile picture in the top right and select settings. Then change the “Change where this app installs games by default” to the drive you want. The previously installed games should stay where they are and new games will install in the new drive/location. Not great, but that should allow you to spread your games across multiple locations as long as you change that before installs. You will find the ‘Offline’ permission settings there too.

Cheers that’s very helpful.

Most third-party games on Game Pass are titles that are well into the thin end of their sales tail anyway. The entire reason they show up on Game Pass, is to eke some more profitability out of them.

Plus, if you offer the base game “for free” on Game Pass, you might convince a player to buy accompanying DLC, or microtransactions.

Yeah, it’s not like publishers are being forced to be on Game Pass, unless I’m missing something?

My app loads and displays the main screen, click anything and it crashes and says restart app. So if I click show all it crashes, if i click a genre it crashes.

Its the newest beta xbox app from 3 days ago?

I have had zero stability issues with it.

Perhaps uninstall, and reinstall?

Thanks, that’s where all the files are hidden. I had to give myself control to see the folder. (It’s actually WindowsApps.) I guess I’ll revert just to be safe.

Mine did this during the first couple of days I had it but updates seemed to have corrected it for me. I still get the restart button every once in a while but it’s mostly stable now

Looks like you can add on an additional 3 months for $20 here:

Looking at the comments , the codes apparently didn’t work at first if you did the $1 upgrade deal, but now they do give 3 months to existing accounts. But only once account.

Remember your max subscription time is 36 months.

Thanks Bob, I just tried this, I’ll let you know if it works.

Yep let me know how it works, I am content with my sub till 9/2021. But others might want to add more time. I saw in the comments that you can use this 3 month special discount sub , once a year per account.

It worked, thanks again Bob.

Man, that’s harsh. Guacamelee (1 and 2) and Abzu are fantastic.

I have to be merciless when it comes to gaming time! Don’t worry, I’ve got another 10 games that are making me nervous.

You can’t maintain a healthy backlog if you keep playing them all.

Very pleased that I upgraded my Gold for this. I had lots of games on my wishlist that I wasn’t sure I was going to ever play, but now I get a shot:

PC: Wargroove, The Surge, Gothic Armada, Shadow Tactics, Tyranny
Xbox: Outer Wilds, Operencia, Zoo Tycoon, ABZU