Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Thanks Bob, I just tried this, I’ll let you know if it works.

Yep let me know how it works, I am content with my sub till 9/2021. But others might want to add more time. I saw in the comments that you can use this 3 month special discount sub , once a year per account.

It worked, thanks again Bob.

Man, that’s harsh. Guacamelee (1 and 2) and Abzu are fantastic.

I have to be merciless when it comes to gaming time! Don’t worry, I’ve got another 10 games that are making me nervous.

You can’t maintain a healthy backlog if you keep playing them all.

Very pleased that I upgraded my Gold for this. I had lots of games on my wishlist that I wasn’t sure I was going to ever play, but now I get a shot:

PC: Wargroove, The Surge, Gothic Armada, Shadow Tactics, Tyranny
Xbox: Outer Wilds, Operencia, Zoo Tycoon, ABZU

So I just got back from vacation and caught up on the last 200 posts. Did this end up happening or did they make a statement one way or the other? I currently have 2 months left of PC game pass from the recent $1 for 3 months promo, and wouldn’t mind locking in a year or two if that’s still possible.

Yep its still working.

I’d suggest:

2 year xbox gold card for $100 ish.
6 month xbox gold card for $25 ish
add more if you want, but you should be near 30 months by now.
do the $1 upgrade to ULTIMATE that adds 1 month, and converts all time over to Ultimate.
That should give you 32-33 months total then. (includes the 2 months you have right now).
Fuzzy maths bring that 32 month total out to costing you around $4 a month.

Great, thanks.

These are all on PC game pass?

Metro Exodus
Outer Wilds
Monster Hunter World
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Hunter Call of the Wild

Plus a whole lot others that are good but I’ve already played / bought.

This is nuts!

On that list, only Metro is on PC game pass.

Man, their filter sucks. PC Games filter was selected but it didn’t actually filter out the XBox games. It worked when I reselected it.

I only had a 1 month Gold subscription and did the ultimate pass upgrade before I knew it was for the length of the subscription. Has anyone cancelled the ultimate pass, extended their gold account, and then rejoined the ultimate pass for the deal?

Yes, I was able to do this when it was first announced. You lose any of the time left on your account and it doesn’t convert back into Gold/Game Pass.

Did you rejoin ultimate pass using the $1 deal? Right now my mine would expire in August so I was thinking of cancelling and resubscribing for a year.

Yep, that’s exactly what I did. Added a year of gold and a cheap year of Game Pass I found online, then readded Ultimate for $1 and have it for the next 25 months.

Nice. Thanks for the information.

I cancelled and then resubbed to Gold for two years. The Ultimate Pass page still said $1 but when I logged in the price changed to $14. I went ahead and did the $14. It does say my next billing for ultimate is in 2021. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Yeah I think the $1 deal is a first time only kinda deal.

Still , you are good to go now!