Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I seriously doubt that’s why XSX’s have been hard to find. The quantity in their datacenters must pale compared to those sold to consumers.

I’m not sure how many people would think of getting just a controller and streaming games to their TV. Would most people know they even buy a controller and have it communicate with their TV? Heck, I didn’t know that. Is that a relatively new thing?

Seems like they’ll come with tvs fairly soon.

I bet you can remap the remote :)

Remote controls will make the worst controllers I bet.

Ok, maybe not worse than the old d-pad controllers, like the NES. But just as bad!

I use an Xbox controller with my Firestick so I can play emulated games on my tv. It works fine except blue tooth sucks and won’t connect half the time.

What is a Lemnis Gate?

Watching this didn’t help much.

I think it’s a 1vs1 online fps, where you play 25 seconds, it’s recorded, and then time rewinds and you play again, together a copy of yourself doing your past actions. Then repeat again.

Interesting concept.

My subscription to the PC Game Pass expires at month’s end. I’m very conflicted about extending, mainly because I haven’t the time to play much. I’d been paying five bucks a month and if I can get that price again somehow, I will extend. For 10 bucks, it’s not worth it.

So–any ideas on how to grab, say, another year for $60?

Yes, if you haven’t used the $1 ultimate first month offer you can convert up to 3 years of XBL Gold for $1. Otherwise it’ll cost $14.99. XBL Gold 1 year MSRP is $60 but it’s often on sale for $50.

This I think still works:


Thank you both. The option @lordkosc links to leaves my head spinning. The simpler way, I take it, is to convert an XBL Gold code to Game Pass. I used the $1 offer at the start, so that is gone. So if I follow this correctly, I just buy a $60 XBL Gold code and somehow put it in my account and it automatically extends Gamepass?

  1. Wait until your current game pass subscription is completely done and you have no access
  2. Apply XBL Gold game time to your account, up to 3 years. MSRP is $60/year, Costco has it for $55 if you’re a member, and it’s sometimes on sale for $50.
  3. Pay the $14.99 to buy 1 month of GPU, and this converts all 3 years to GPU

Awesome, thanks so much for the clear-as-day steps. Appreciate it.

One minor point, when you’re applying the three 1 year XBL Gold subs to your account, MS offers to give you 1 free month if you turn auto-subscribe on. Don’t do that. You can’t have over 36 months total and if you do it, you can’t apply the third year.

Pro tip! Thanks!

Lol Stusser is the Game Pass Ultimate wisperer. Hes cost MS millions! Ill be doing this soon just got a notice im about to run out. Thought I had more, oh well.


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