Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I totally understand that. :)
I mean I just finished Steam World Dig after 5 years of on again off again playing.

If you want to continue playing things, Game Pass games are on sale for 20%-off once they’ve been on the service for long enough.

Sure, and I think that’s fair, I would just prefer a bit more transparency up-front: this game will be available between these dates, otherwise this is the price. Anyway, having tested it I realise that I’m not really interested in renting games, it weirdly devalues the experience for me based on trying a couple so far. Although maybe there’s a reason I never bought those particular games in the first place. :)

Yeah, I posted a little of my experience with it last night over in the Slay the spire thread. Neat little game.

While it doesn’t devalue the experience for me it would be awesome if they showed end dates for games. It would definitely allow me to prioritize my slow progressing queue more efficiently.

Right. I wonder what effect this will have. Will the hunter-gatherer in me not be satisfied with games dribbling in via subscriptions. It’s like I paid the gold price and not the iron price :)

Finally dove into the PC app this weekend and played through Timespinner. The game was decent, a bit too much aping of the formula from Symphony of the Night. Even for a beta, the app seems very barebones - really needs a better browsing interface for starters and the lack of screen showing achievements is annoying. It’s all in the old Xbox app (now rebranded as the Xbox Console Companion) so hopefully they’ll move the functionality over.

Some new games announced at Gamescom:

And 3 of them are available today: Age of Empires Definitive Edition (PC), Devil May Cry 5 (Console), and Stellaris (Console, PC soon).

Woah. Kingdom Come? And Age of Empires Definitive? And Devil May Cry 5? What?

Yeah, Kingdom Come will be available for PC and Console on August 22.

Stellaris? Always wanted to try that- downloaded it during the free weekend a while back, but only got to play for an hour or so? And Bard’s Tale 4? That hadn’t even been announced for Xbone. Cool. Too bad Ape Out isn’t on console, that sounds interesting. And I suppose I’ll check out Kingdom Come. Why not?

Microsoft bought InXile, so it was pretty much inevitable.

I’m most pumped about Stellaris here. I’ve been very happy with Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s port on the Xbox One and I’ve wanted to try the Stellaris port on the Xbox, but the price has been too high for an uncertain experience. I am glad I get to try it via the Game Pass now.

What a time to game. Deep strategy games are now present on consoles in a way they never were before. I think that is a positive for the sub-genre.

Sure. But there was literally no peep of it before this, and now bam here it is in a couple days, free on GP. Pretty cool.

Yeah, I’m excited, too. Been wanting to try one of these for a while, but only play on console. Reviews say the interface is great!

I’m watching the Xbox stream right now and holy crap, John Romero still has all that flowing hair. A little gray but hey, who isn’t?

Why is John Romero on the Xbox stream?

Daikatana Remastered exclusive on Gamepass!

You know, I am quite open to being his bitch, if the topic comes up.

He was promoting Empire of Sin, a mafia empire builder.