Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I think it’s 11/15 for the Surge and the other two about to leave.

Pretty smart of them to have The Surge on sale for only $5 this week, just as it’s getting ready to leave Game Pass.

Leaving the PC on 11/15:

  • The Surge
  • Tyranny: Gold edition
  • Pony Island

I’m tempted to install Pony Island just to find out what it is before it goes away.

Do, it’s great.

Man, they should announce the game that leave the service with more time.

If you install it you still have a month I think.

Won’t AoE 2 DE be part of the service next week?

It will. You can go to the Game Pass app now and “pre-install” it. It’s over 17GB though, so I don’t have enough room for it.

I have to play that “what should I uninstall” game again.

You should uninstall that small hard drive and install that big hard drive. AH HA HA HA HAAA!

Comedy is my middle name!

Yeah, the extra graphics part is not small.

Re: Pony Island.

Wow, this really is great. Unfortunately the game requires heavy use of the mouse, and my mouse is having this double click issue, it makes it really hard to click and drag things, and to check boxes without unchecking those same boxes at the same time. And that’s something you have to do in this game a lot. So it was really frustrating. I think if I buy a new mouse in the next 10 years, I’ll revisit this game then.

Got another 44 days free thanks to Taco Bell. :)

Hoping there is a deal on 12 month Game Pass so I can buy a few years for my nephew and let him upgrade for a dollar thing, that still works right? Fingers crossed for black friday…

Fucking Microsoft.

Thanks to how obfuscated the apps and where they are installed to on Win10, I can’t reinstall to the same drive where it installed before but crashed upon loading. I uninstalled it but (who knows, since it’s obfuscated!) there may be some remnant left preventing it from downloading–it just “completes” its re-download instantly without taking any space.

Fuck you, Microsoft. Still making things worse.

Yeah…they even released some games in W32 format on Gamepass, but still encrypt them and make their data inaccessible. It is so shitty.

Yeah like no benchmark tool for Metro Exodus. As well as obfuscating the name of the programs’ folders with long ass code names.

To fix my original problem I even tried booting into Win PE rescue environment to delete the folder in WindowsApps that remained for the so called uninstalled app and that didn’t fix it either.

In the old world, files and folders were separate from the registry of settings.

Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder. I think that offer will be ending soon. I should plan my second trip to Taco Bell soon. (Just looked it up: Offer is valid until Nov 23).

I absolutely hate it when companies do crap like that. Uplay does the similar obfuscation of folder names.

Does the Uplay+ subscription do that? I don’t have the subscription so I don’t know.

The normal games that are purchased can be moved/copied in clearly named and clearly visible folders. That’s another bullshit thing with UWP Microsoft Store games. You have to redownload them, if you even can like where I am having problems.