Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

Phoenix Point coming… eventually.

I can’t get Rage 2 to run and Halo MCC won’t launch from the app at all. I have to run it from the start menu, like an animal.

Hopefully a delay also means a bit of patching on top of certification stuff.

Who you callin’ animal?? That’s the best thing about Game Pass, running from the Start menu!

My little, gamer, hoarding brain loves installing as many Game Pass games as possible and arranging the icons on my maxed-out Start menu. I’m always rearranging it, but here’s my current layout:

Subscribing to Game Pass was like being reunited with the Start Menu after not using it for many years.

Wow, I had no idea you could do that. That’s incredible.

Bummer, I’ve been getting antsy to try it.

I would end up stareing at such a start menu and maximum indecision would set in and I would end up not playing anything.

That’s hilarious.

you need help :)

That’s me on many evenings:

look at the over 100 games on my Xbox One X, a good portion of which I haven’t even played, including BC 360 titles

glance over at the 15 or so unwrapped Xbox One games What’s this? A half dozen unwrapped 360 games and even a few PS2 ones?

checking out the unopened stack of 3DS and Vita games, about 15 between the two in addition to the other 20 I only barely played

turn on laptop and ponder over the DOZENS of GoG RPGs and strategy games I keep meaning to start

Oh, wait. Wife just got me the Switch Lite three weeks ago, maybe i should finally use it to do more than buy Black Friday Sales games, like PLAY THEM!!!

Fuck this, going to bed. Goes to bed

Remember: a backlog isn’t an enemy to be defeated. A backlog is a library, to be enjoyed at your leisure. Backlogs, for lack of a better word, are good.

Wrong! A backlog is to be mercilessly hunted down and stalked through the valley of death and despair until each and everyone of them is lying in defeat at your triumphant feet, gloating over their weakness…


I had GamePass for four months and only played a handful of games. I turned it off this month. It’s nice that they offer it, but it’s not for me. I have plenty of unplayed games already.

That’s when you just close your eyes and click!

You don’t even need to do that! Gamepass has a “Surprise me!” button right there!

But that’s letting the computer decide.

I choose my own game! Without looking.

Untitled Goose Game coming to Game Pass.

Only console game pass btw

/Angry Honking/