Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

In Canada, you can still get 3 months for 50% off until Thursday:

If anyone is having slow downloads like I was, the suggested changes in this reddit post worked for me!

That feeling when you read a post complaining about slow speeds, and realise that they’re still faster than yours!


Incidentally @Rock8man I tried Lonely Mountains Downhill on your recommendation. Didn’t launch for the first half dozen attempts, but finally got in, but now the leaderboards aren’t working. It’s definitely a leaderboard game. Not sure if it’s my internet or a problem on their end. Launching a game on Game Pass is like loading an old game from tape - I breathe a sigh of relief when it actually works.

They never worked for me. I see a couple friends’ scores, but not all. Can’t see Rock8man.

I can’t remember if leaderboards worked or not. I was always trying to beat the objective times anyway. That’s hard enough as it is!

There’s no way to convert it now like there was before, but it gets automatically converted at this ratio when you redeem other things:

So if you buy a year of gold, it translates to 4 months of UGP when you redeem that code.

Keep an eye on this thread. When you earn Microsoft rewards points from Bing searches and getting achievements on your Xbox dashboard rewards app, etc, you can usually convert those into more Ultimate Game Pass time. So for instance Gold (12 months) often goes on sale for 22,500 points. So you can add another 4 months to UGP membership when you have 22,500 accumulated.

Feels super weird to allow non-functional 10-20MB “installs” of games not out yet:

Varies if you get an error (WL.exe missing UnityPlayer.dll) or a dialog that says “you’re too early”

Bleeding Edge is MS/Ninja Theory’s multiplayer online battle PVP or something. Those games are almost always certainly doomed to not be able to sustain their player populations to justify keeping server lights on.

What’s worse is that based on my experience with the Windows Store and patches (especially with outer world) I wouldn’t trust it that these pre-release placeholders don’t completely bug out and prevent you from playing the full game at release (just like right now I can no longer install outer worlds).

Wholly agree.

I reformatted/reinstalled just last month to “fix” this when MS Store apps/games (including those from GamePass) stopped accepting one of the drives as a destination and I could find no other fix.

Since then, uninstalling (successfully, seemingly?) from Settings->Apps has resultedin those useless 0x0000CEEBSWTFBBQ errors on two occasions. I was able to test redownload the same game/apps and uninstall from the Start menu by right-clicking it and choosing Uninstall without an error. So WTF knows? The whole obfuscated shitshow where UWP apps live/download-to/get-stored is a fucking mess.

Its sole redeeming quality is that it’s more stable and less choppy/slow than EA Origin.

I hope FTL has achievements!

Frostpunk is great, I am glad more people will get to enjoy it!

I’ve been waiting for an Xbox sale, now I don’t have to!

No one must be minding the store or giving a rat’s ass since there are some games that discontinue/turn off XBL/achievement functionality and leave the game on GamePass/MS Store to be boken for months without end, and turning off the video streaming cutscenes for what once was a flagship game in just recent 2016 for Quantum Beak DX12 for the MS Store version.

Stealth Inc 2

Supermarket Shriek:

Sweet! Children of Morta is up on Game Pass. I’ve been wanting to try that out.

Thanks for the reminder. Didn’t see it earlier and thought it was console GamePass only.

Oh nice! It’s a PlayAnywhere game, so I can go back and forth between Xbox and PC.

Not only that, but:

Very nice, I’ve been wanting to play both Gris and A Plague Tale.

I’d like to think my purchase of Gris in the Steam winter sale had something to do with this. You’re welcome!

A Plague Tale was sooo good from a story and environmental / atmospheric standpoint. I wasn’t crazy about the stealth / limited combat from the start, but it grew on me. This ended up as one of my favorite games this year.

Do you have to input a credit card or can I use monies I already have on my xbox account? I’ve had like $3.25 sitting there for 4 years that I could finally use some of.