Xbox Game Pass & new MS game store app - PC thread

I actually didn’t use them for many years and used Steam to launch everything, but with so many stupid clients these days I just went back to desktop for my launching needs. MS should fix this basic god damn shit.

Why does it happen to gamepass games only and exclusively, if it’s not gamepass/windows store/encryption related?

Although even if it wasn’t, one would think after 30 years of Windows existing MS could figure out a way for icon cache not to get corrupted.

No need for a messy desktop when you have start menu/windows key.

It has something to do with the limited size of the Windows icon cache I think. It happens to Win32 shortcut i icons too when they revert to the white default icon. I can usually fix those by extracting the icon manually (using something like freeware NirSoft Icons Extract) and saving it as a separate .ico file. Then pointing the shortcut to that new (but same) .ico in the shortcut properties fixes it.

Making shortcuts using run->shell:appsfolder results in icons that quickly go white like described by everyone else.

I Googled it but am not a programmer of UWP apps so can’t write code worth a squat to parse the develoepr answer

Fucking obfuscated file system of UWP apps–is there any program to read and extract a UWP app icon?

And no need for start menu and typing when I have a desktop. It’s a preference thing.

Right-click on desktop->View->Uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”

I used to like using Stardock’s Fences for organizing my desktop icon but it runs far too slowly.

Your desktop is lookin’ good.

I’ve been eying this but haven’t tried it yet:

anyone else tried it or something similar?

Gog Galaxy pretty much does the job…

Playnite and Gog galaxy are both good. And both free.




Yeah I ended up making my own icons for Forza games.

Fences 3 runs great for me on Win10.

Playnite does an even better job.

I disabled my paypal automatic payments to game pass a while ago and forgot about it, all of a sudden I have $10 in charges (game pass is $5 a month for me), and microsoft would not let me cancel the subscription until I paid the $10. I gotta say, that is a very shady business practice.

I see the policy mentioned here. Game Pass is now $10 a month - the PC intro $5/mo expired in September. Did you get charged for an extra month or two?

I’m assuming the issue is you cancelled the recurring billing authorization via PayPal - but didn’t actually cancel the subscription with Microsoft. One of the confusing things about using PayPal I think.

Oh, I didn’t know it went to $10. But yeah the main issue is it doesnt let you cancel the subscription until you pay the bill. I don’t know if that means they would have charged me every month even with a suspended subscription but something is not right about that.

You didn’t cancel your subscription, you nuked your PayPal—that’s like just cancelling your credit card. Presumably, Microsoft gave you access to gamepass during the month.

Not sure if they would have kept charging you. Sounds like they didn’t want to end the subscription until you paid so that the agreement was still in place to make your obligation clear.

It’s quite easy to cancel your subscription and/or manage billing here:

If you feel like you were unfairly renewed you should contact customer support. Especially if you haven’t used the subscription since renewing it they might be able to help. The return policy for Xbox is basically as generous as Steam.

Yes I used that page but like I said it would not allow me to cancel until the bill was paid. The option to cancel does not show up on that page until you pay the outstanding bill. The help documentation said the same thing. Maybe it doesnt matter but it’s a bit weird to not be able to cancel a subscription until you have paid an outstanding balance imo.